Sunday, July 8, 2012

Collective haul

So over the past few days, I went on a beauty splurge... again. I kinda feel more comfortable splurging on things I like now :) Before this, I held back a lot because I was always trying to save for... I don't know what.

But now, to hell with that, it's either I start doing what I want now or wait until I'm old and brittle and aching. Which ain't no fun.

July has been awesome so far. I went to Singapore, bought things I'm very happy about, went on an accidental adventure with mommy and my sisters, learnt several important lessons, went on shopping sprees with Merlin and Angel, and generally had a good time with people.

I hope July continues it's awesome-ness :)

Advice to oneself: stay true to your sense of style. Don't be swayed by other people's opinion because you'd only end up wasting good money.

So to the main point of this entry.

My collective haul over the past week:


1. Guardian Cotton Facial Squares - RM3.31
2. Biore UV Perfect Face Milk - RM25.41
3. Za Amino Mineral Refreshing Gel - RM21.50
4. Canmake Cream Cheek #10 - RM37... something cents.
5. Powder puffs from Mydin - RM1.60
5. Olay Cream Cleanser - You won't believe it... it's RM1. Hahaha. Got it off the clearance rack.

Thing is with cleansers are... I don't really use them. Because um... ever since I started on cleansers (my first one being Clean & Clear), yeah sure I get clean skin, but it does get a bit drying especially if you don't lather up with other products.

But I do believe cleansers strip off natural oils from my skin. So my best cleanser is...


Dude, it's free. What else you want?

You can drink it too! :D

My skin is pretty normal so water works for me. Don't know about other skin types larh.

Of course if my skin is really disgustingly dirty, like I dunno, after slapping shitloads of make up or not washing my face for a month or um... rolling in the mud, then I think cleansers should come in pretty handy.

But when I saw Olay cream cleanser selling for RM1, grab. YES! Haha. For those grimy face situations :)


I did use it a few days ago. It had a mild floral smell. Reminded me of pink roses. Nice :) But won't be using it too often. Because I abhor putting Johnsons baby lotion on my face.

Not that it causes a reaction, its just that I prefer to use that 5 minutes of my time to go down and check whether there's anymore chocolate in the fridge.

Anyway, the other day, I went out with Angel and she introduced to me this boutique called Colourful. Went in and this is what I saw:


Adorable Winnie the Pooh bags!!! But it's a bit pricey. I still am a student after all. Original price RM39.90, discounted to RM 28.90.

Very tempted, but I spent so much already lah.

Should I or should I not buy ah?

Better win more money.

Anyway, stay tuned to my future posts. It will be reviews on some of the things from my haul above. I will not be reviewing on Guardian cottons or Mydin powder puffs. Because that's like asking me to do a review on... my pencil.



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