Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Bits n' pieces of news

Oh gawwddd.... my a** hurts so bad. My eyes hurt too.

BUT - I'm really, really happy with my latest set of drawings for This Girl Likes to Draw - Our Song. Because... because... uh... I like them. That should do. Hey, I really do :)

Anyways, I just finished learning how to create captions and speech bubbles like an hour ago, and popping them in my little story. Do you know how much agony I had to go through? A lot. *THUMPS CHEST*

I really, really want my own laptop. So I can use it whenever I have spurts of motivation at home. Because now it's like, my spurts of motivation come when Stick is on dota. What the hell.

No, I'm not only talking about my budding comics, but STUDIES!

Oh yeah, I've been out a lot to JB's place. And I find it much more... conducive to study there. Because like his sisters aren't forever plastered to their laptops. So that means I can plaster my face to THEIR laptops! Weee~

No really, I do find it easier to study there.

On a totally different matter, check out Selena Gomez at the Teen Choice Awards a few days ago! She's soooo sweet in that dress! And that hair! And those shoes!


I'm not a lesbian.

Ok, going to get that waaayyyyy overdue shut eye. G'night y'all :)


P.s. I know my posts haven't been much of anything lately. Promise an awesome sauce post next! (although I have no idea what it's gonna be)


  1. i totally understand your spurts of motivation but can't use the laptop. that happens to me too!
    looking forward to your next post~<3

  2. Yea T__T Want new laptop! x100 Haha

    Thanks for dropping by <3