Thursday, July 12, 2012

Biore UV Perfect Face Milk Review


Oh no, no. This post will be starting off with MY face.


This product brand was my first ever sunblock that goes nearly 2 years back to my National Service days :')

I was 18 at that time and I did not own any proper makeup or skincare products neither did I have much money. So buying a sunblock was a very big deal then.

I did a lot of research on sunblocks beforehand and finally decided on Biore UV Perfect Face Milk.

And I sure am glad I tried this!

So fast forward to now, and I'm still loyal to this sunblock! And last week, I re-purchased my 2nd bottle (as picture shows) just after finishing the first one :D


Application wise, it goes on so smoothly on the skin. It's not sticky or greasy which I likey.

The milky solution then settles to a velvety powdery finish on my skin. And yes, it does control the oil on my face :)

And with an SPF of 50+, I guess... what does that mean anyway?

The ultimate test was during NS. Being in the sun for half the day everyday, this little baby really did it's job of preventing me from looking like toasted bread.


Consistency of liquid milk. I know milk is liquid. But uh... it's a watery kind of light (not thick) milk.

Very comfortable.


A few pictures of me after practicing using liquid liner.

I find I need to get a pencil liner to tight line my water line. Guys, get lost. This is foreign language.

Anyway, that will have to wait.


Had nothing on my face. Except my eyes, nose and mouth.... and eyebrows.

Ok, not funny.


Alright toodles all!


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