Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Wishlist as of 19.06.2012

Oh hi!
Say hi to animated me! :D Yep, I've been hand drawn. After years and years of drawing on paper and keeping them hidden in my files, I finally have an outlet to display them! Omg, I could just cry now.

Anyways, as the title says, here goes...

1. Pink Vaio laptop

I'm done with always waiting until Stick gets off the computer so that I can use it. I want MY own laptop! MINE!!! A laptop where I can put in my room and shut the door and bling it up and use it to my heart's content. My own personalized laptop!

Do I really need it? Well... I'm not a university student or anything... but HECK I need it! I have many secret projects that I'd like to do in the privacy of my own room. #secretive

Also, I love Vaio's designs and their really nice, glossy pinks!

2. White Samsung Galaxy S2

Explained about this already here. And I want it... so bad. So bad. Yea, I know S3 is out, but I'm not some muthaf***ing heavy gamer or an app insane kinda person. So I'll settle for the S2. I expect prices to drop furtheeerrrr :D

3. Become a good driver

Ever since the accident, I've become a scaredy-cat on the road. Dammit. But I will conquer...! I want to be able to drive where ever by myself. It'll be so fun! I don't want to depend on other people to take me around. Dammit, I want a car. Let it be a small one.

4. Toned body

I've already more than achieved my target weight. Now I need to tone, tone, tone! Bring on more of those badminton sessions!

5. Clear skin

Will spend some freaking amount of cash on skincare... soon. Also I need to eat right more often. Cut down on instant noodles and fried, sugary stuff.

I've got like a dozen more stuff in my wishlist. But don't wanna write it all out lah. Those are the more... stupid kinda wishes.

Anyway, this is another doodle of me when ever I intend to study - I start looking at the mirror.


I'm gonna start prepping my study materials by this week. And I've learnt my lesson - I'll start on the past years and revision kits first! Study text later. Oh god... please let me pass all my 3 papers I recently sat for in one sitting T_T

Why is 49 days so interesting? I can stop turning my back to watch which is preventing me from completing this entry!

Done! Ta all! :D

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