Thursday, June 28, 2012

Updates before jetting off to Singapore

Oh hi! Will be heading to the Lion City verrryyyy soon :D Excited max!

A few updates before I leave:

Last night Jb and I went for our usual pasar malam date and then saw a basketball game, held at the court behind the ACS field, later in the night.

 Bladdy hell, frigging mosquitoes kept biting me.

So anyways, here's a picture of me before date night.


Ah yes, I did pluck my eyebrows a very, tiny weeny little bit. You know, just the stray hairs. So yeah, mostly everything still intact. I don't think I'd go for anything too drastic. Which guy would want to wake up to find their girl with no brows. That would be Ju-on.

Just joking.

No really.


And then, after returning. My hair always look like I just got out of... the rubbish bin.

More, more, MORE!


Oh before I forget, my old specs were annihilated some time ago. So here are my new specs. Ta-chah! First pair of specs I actually am in love with :D


That tiny human at the corner of the pic photobombing me is Boo. Say hi to boo. Hi.


Oh and guess what yo! Totally awesome news :)

During our romantic walk through the sandy, sweat-filled, smoke-laden pasar malam, I suddenly decided with Jb that I'd dye my hair maybe one or two shades lighter. Think ombre.

Or maybe I'll just do some highlights.

Or maybe I'll just chicken out at the end. Most likely.

But here's a nice picture I found of Selena:



Love her hair color! I want!


We shall see...


So just this afternoon, I went for a Pizza Hut outing with girlfriends (in alphabetical order): Loges, Mei Theng and Pushpa. Later on, Loges's sister joined us too.

Had fun crapping and just catching up with each other on stuff :D I think we spent easily a few hours flattening our butts... on the chairs that is (in case there are any perverts trying to twist my sentence into... I can't even think of anything... but oh, they will, they will.)

Anyways, can't wait for our next meet up! :)

Wait ah...

Arghhhh! Why is it sooo hot??? Warghhh....!

Ok, continuing.... Wee~ can't wait to go to Singapore! Ok, gonna take a shower first before meeting up with oppa later XP

Oh one more thing, finally got my parcel from the mail! I love what I bought!!! Weee~ can't tell you what it is... yet.



  1. I don't like plucking my own brows because it hurts so bad!! And it's great that you manage to find a pair of glasses you like, I still haven't exactly like any pair that I've own! Especially when it's so hard to find one that flatters your face and matches with your style etc!

  2. Plucking isnt tat painful actually if u pluck it the correct way :)
    I hope u find your dream specs soon! I took abt 5 yrs to find mine :D