Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Post-exam bliss

Random picture of Mowgli and I to start this post.


So past few days after my exams have been going really well so far. Been happily busy with the people I love and doing things I like :)

I've been going out with my shopping babe, Angel, for a few times and I bought some face masks:


I tried the Double Intensive Hydration first since I had terribly dry skin at that time.


Works in 2 steps. Step 1, you're supposed to put on the ampoule first. God knows what that is, but according to Angel, it's medicine for your skin.

Step 2, put mask, go play tetris battle while waiting. Sure more than 30 minutes one. So more than enough time for the skin to absorb. Done! :)

Ugly pictures coming up. 

With cleansed face.

With ampoule slathered on.
Finally, with mask on.
I wanna try the Cosway masks too. Saw their prices yesterday. Not bad lah.

I also bought some colored contacts from one of those accessory shops around town. The brand is Vivian and I got 2 pairs for RM30.

Price wise - reasonable enough. But the comfort - oh lord, I felt like  I had something hard in my eyes with them on. Quite uncomfortable.

Merlin also got a pair of brown colored lenses from Vivian and she reported the same discomfort too. Why didn't tell me beforehand? *stares at her* Another brand called Barbie or something felt more comfortable according to her. I dunno lah. Maybe next time I just get Acuvue. Haha.

I also bought my first pair of falsies - that were really dramatic one I put them on. I guess they're perfect for self-shots at home. I don't know whether I'd ever wear them out. Lol. Scared people call me fake cuz they are very noticeable. Haha. They weigh pretty heavy on the eyes too. Maybe also because I'm a newbie and I don't really know how to apply them falsies properly yet. *shrugs*

Falsies from Qbox - RM6.90 per pair
Vivian lenses in Gray
No make up and yeah, that's my house shirt. Cuz I just wanted to try on the falsies and lenses.
Another shot.
If you notice, my right eyelid has this slight gap between the falsies and my real lashes - a sign that I'm still new at this.
Anyway, quite ok lah. Looks good in pictures :) My eyes are humongous.
Can't wait to buy other false eyelash designs - the more simpler ones where I can wear out to events :D

Other than those above, I bought a host of other stuff.... which I'm too lazy to upload. Which I believe is none of your interest either.

Moving on, yesterday Angel and I went to Ochado! To be honest, I never heard of it before. Ha-ha. But it's something like Chatime. And since it was the 2nd day of it's official opening in Kampar, the place was crowded.

Courtesy of Angel
Some more pictures stolen from Angel's blogpost:

I had Ochado Milk tea. Ok lorh. Taste like Chatime nia. At that time, it was in the evening, so there weren't many people. But at night, it was hell. The queue was so long it reached the curb of the road. What? I wouldn't want to wait an hour just to buy a cup.

On other matters:

My mom is like the Queen of finding amazingly cheap stuff. That day I went with Merlin and my mum to Tesco, and I bought 3 tops and a skirt, all for only RM30! Everything was 75% off! So the most "expensive" top that was originally RM55 only costed me RM13.25! :D I am the next budget barbie! *pumps fist*

And I don't know why, but I'm starting to feel like life is throwing so many nice prezzies at me :) I suppose by not worrying so much, life certainly gets so much more chirpier!


I love post-exam periods. Ah... bliss...


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