Wednesday, June 13, 2012

One more paper!!! And blog restructuring stage 1

So long didn't update! Promise many updates after this!

Still in the midst of exams. One more paper to go! I'm not feeling too good about my previous papers though :( Goddammit.


Oh, if you've noticed, me changed me blog layout :D Previously looked like this:

I know there's not much of a difference - because this ain't the final stage yet yo!

So as you can see in my current layout now, I've moved all my archives, blog list, search thingy and all the other nonsense right to the bottom of the blog.

Now all my entries can take centre stage :)

I also felt like there was too much pink, especially the post background. Anyway I've been wanting to change the post background to white. So that's done now!

My blog looks so much more de-cluttered - *pats screen*

Other than that, I'm planning to:

1. Change header. Not too sure about this since it's a really nice header (cuz got my face... haha). But that's where the problem is you see. Too many of my vain pictures smack into one area - very obnoxious. But the new header is gonna take an estimated 2 weeks to do. Gonna complete start from scratch - using photoshop... I can see the endless tutorial videos lining up in front of me. It'll be that kind of fun kind of backache kind of neckache.

2. Change background........ if I can find a nice one that is. My theme is going to be..... VINTAGE! Pink, pretty kinda girly kinda feminine kinda psycho kinda... nice vintage. I don't know when I got the vintage bug, but it's a nice theme. Some inspirations:


Instead of girls, I'm thinking dogs, more specifically poodles :D Like this one:

3. Miscellaneous widgets - will be decided in the course of time. 

Ok, didn't expect this post to be this long. Need to study. See you in a while baby bloggie! 


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