Friday, June 15, 2012

National Close 2012 and lotsa random pictures!


Oh hi again! FINALLY completed all 3 papers. Past month was TORTURE. TORTURE I tell you. Don't wanna talk about F5. F7 was um... okay. I felt F8 was easiest out of the 3. It was also the last paper. So that means I can enjoy my temporary "honeymoon" after a good paper :)

After the F5 hell I was like, "omygod, 2 months to results. how can i stand the suspense? why so long one? i tak mau wait lah *throws tantrum* my life is over! what if i fail? shit, i don't wanna re-sit. *throws some more tantrum* i don't care about anything. just give me a bloody pass...". 

Let's say if F5 last paper, then how to enjoy my post-exam period? Thank god it was the other way round.

Anyway, after the final paper I felt this certain serene bliss and elation come over me. It was like a huge burden off my shoulders. Like, like... achieving enlightenment... *angels singing in the sky*

I feel now I can do whatever! After a tough period, the period after that always tastes extra sweet. Not talking about my period - menstruation ah. Sicko!

And I wanna use my time and MONEY efficiently. 

Cut the crap. 

For this entry, I'm just gonna be updating stuff that happened before my exam when I didn't have the "time" to blog.

First things first.

National Close 2012 (chess tournament in case you tak tau) - got 3rd :) But the last game was shitty. The rest of the games okay la i guess since I haven't been playing in a while. 

Some more it was held like 3 weeks before my exam. So if my skin looks dull and pale in the picture it's because of stress!  

Anyways... picture time :) The tournament was held over 5 days but only took pictures on the last day. 


Wanna see me receive my medal?


Nah, let you see my back lah.


One of the best parts of National Close was the fact that one of my bestest friend also participated! Jolyn Wong (use nickname lah :P)! She's a former Perak state chess player. She's soooo funny and wacky and easy going and I love her soo much! Haha :D

Nabila! - This cutesy got 2nd place.

Nithya - only 11 years old! You know, there aren't many girl players in Malaysia that continue playing chess after a certain age, like when they start their tertiary education. What to do... got boyfriend like that already lah.


FIFI! Adorable new friend I made. So funny :P


Wai Lun! - Taylors' student (as you can see from his shirt - how much more obvious can i get) and Jolyn's coursemate. Eh, forgot how to spell your name lah. Haha. Never mind, next time belanja you gong cha :P

More cili padi players - Li Ting and Camillia :D

Anyway, after prize giving, Jolyn, Wai Lun and I went to Midvalley. Coincidently, there was a Mickey exhibition at the centre court. So.... take pictures lah. What else.

Display of different versions of Mickeys.
For each type of Mickey, there's a small little story attached.

The centre piece. It's rotating. So we patiently waited for Mickey to rotate to our direction and then Tai Lun - my slave - took them pictures. That is what boys are for. Haha!

Jolyn has this weird habit that is a signature of hers whenever she eats. She loves mashing and mixing up food until it becomes horribly mutated.

For example: What happens to a plate of chicken chop with coleslaw and french fries as side dishes when it goes through Jolyn's signature style?

Shit happens. ROTFL.

Beamer! Insisted on sleeping with me at my popo's house - urgh. Had to blockade my sleeping area.
On the way back home!
Other random back-in-hometown piccies:


Jb's siblings. Look like my siblings only.


Mowgli and I. See the similarities with the above picture?


Guess what's that?

My drool! LOL.

Jb actually took that picture. I didn't know until the next day. Nonsense. Haha. I think this happened the day I came back from KL. I was exhausted and just fell asleep on the couch. And then major drool happens.


Pictures from family time at Sushi King:

Merlin and I! :D
See no double chin! Haha.
The almighty mother!
Oh yes, wanna see a picture of JB? Here:


Other randoms:

Merlin's work! I love it when she plays with my hair when I'm studying. Very soothing...
Ya my skin not very good in the picture and even now. It was study period. So like that lah. You know ah, exams are really not good for my skin. No-no. Stress this lah, worry that lah.

So I'm gonna start jogging again and get some face masks (I'm too lazy to use anything else. haha) to start clearing my skin :)
Merlin was gonna do something to my hair -again on a different day :D
New mirror!
Last one~!
 DONE! My shoulder ache lah. So gonna get my long deprived beauty sleep like now!



  1. Hi, the Mickey Mouse convention looks awesome. Do you know if it's still on?

  2. I'm not very sure... but I don't think so lah. It's been more than a week already. But you can go check it out :)