Friday, June 22, 2012

Good day!

Morning peeps! Ok, not technically in the morning anymore, but I just woke up :D *yawns* *stretch* 

Like you'll give a damn.

A few things I need to get done today sooner or later:

1. Drew and scanned in a few doodles yesterday. Haven't colored them yet though. It easily takes me a few hours to color a few illustrations. But it gets easier. Behold the learning curve effect taking place...... Ok, that was F5 stuff. Skip it.

2. Settle some bank stuff. Because... I bought something gorgeous online! Can't wait to receive my parcel! *drools* *pants* Oh yes, speaking of buying stuff online, how to know which blogshops are reliable, which aren't?

Well, I found this site: Ta-dah! It's a site which reviews every possible blogshop there is in Malaysia. Very nice concept and very helpful indeed :)

3. Print F9 materials. Goddammit, I need to start listening to those lecture videos like... TODAY! I need that head start.... so bad. 

Oh, I'm going to Singapore soon! Woohoohoo :) Meet me grandpa and auntie. Woohoohoo... And go SHOPPING.... WOOHOOHOO...!

So that means I have to go renew my passport. woohoohoo.

Anyways, I've been using lotsa cash lately. I'll do a review on stuff I bought maybe on the next post or the one after. But I still have so many things I wanna buy! *drools again* Me shopaholic. #addicted.

The stuff I intend to buy are mostly skincare stuff... and make up stuff... oh and clothes... and maybe footwear... oh f***

So yeah, pretty wordy post. But next post will either be doodles or pictures. Which ever comes first.

Now for that mini Cornetto I saw somewhere in the fridge. 

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