Monday, June 25, 2012

Watsons make up haul

So yesterday, I participated in another one-day chess tourney held at Ipoh. My performance was way better than last week's tourney in Kampar. Last week's performance was shit. This week was... not shit. Yay :) I won some pocket money too so after the event, went to Ipoh Parade for some shopping :)

I bought makeup products and a pair of mini shorts. But today is just gonna be about my makeup haul :)

Before I start, Watsons is currently having a sale going on (until the 23rd of July) so if you wanna get anything from Watsons, this period's the best chance!

1. Garnier B.B eye roll on


I've been wanting to get a product to conceal my dark circles. Thought of concealers but most of them are way too pricey for me :( But when I spotted this product in Watsons and found that it had B.B benefits (yay!), I knew I had to have it!

Some more so affordable leh! Normal price RM24.90 but I got it for RM19.92 :)


I tried it on my eye last night but too tired/lazy/drugged to take pictures. But it works ok :) Haven't properly tried it yet lah. Will do a full review on it when I get the chance to wear it on a proper occassion

Benefits it claims to give:

1. fairer
2. more radiant
3. more even-toned
4. with less dark circles
5. with less dark spots
6. fresher (i think they were running out of ideas already. haha
7. smoother
8. less tired
9. more hydrated
10. tighten

But seriously, one roll of it dispenses quite a generous amount of B.B cream. Take a look:


2. Maybelline Hypercurl mascara


In a hello kitty design case! MAJOR CUTE! *drools* If you hate hello kitty, no problem, there's the other normal metallic pink and black design.

This mascara is more to adding volume as opposed to lengthening. And it also gives the "curl" effect. Dunno ah. They say one ah!

Normal price RM29.90. I got it for RM23.92.


That girl is Mowgli. Not me. I got boobs.


I applied some mascara a few nights ago and it glided on pretty smoothly. Happy :) I only applied about two flicks of the wand to my lashes but still was pretty noticeable. Dunno lah. Different lashes different degree of... um... noticeable-ness.

3. Maybelline Hyper Sharp liner


This is a liquid eyeliner.

Normal price RM23.90. I got it for RM19.80.

The last eyeliner I had was a pencil eyeliner from faceshop. Bloody annoying. The tip kept breaking. To be fair, the first few times using it was okay. But after some time, the tip got frigging fragile. Basically, the last 6-7cm of it was pretty much useless.

I don't know whether it's the same for all pencil eyeliners, but I decided to switch to liquid. I've tried gel before, but being the noob I am, I suck at taking care of my gel liner. The gel kept hardening up. And uh... ya... I wasted like 1/2 of the tiny weeny gel container because... i don't even know why.

But I've made a resolution to take care of my makeup from now onwards!!!


Look at the tip! Gorgeous. I applied it on my hand at Watsons.


It's the darkest black out of all the lines! After it dries, it gets pretty hard to wipe off. The rest (which included a pencil liner) faded after rubbing them.

But because it's super sharp, I had to apply it a few times on my hand to get that... um... width. Anyways, I need to practice using it since it is liquid.

I'm still looking for a good pencil liner! Just cuz I like the effect it gives. But I think that will have to wait. Until god gives me more money XP

Okay, that's all for today. Expecting something through the mail today! *squeals*



  1. I use the Maybelline eyeliner and it's very good for the cat eye look but be careful because the liner can bleed sometimes.

  2. I like the liner... but I've tried garnier roll-on, don't work for my eyes.

    The mascara is okay, have tried better! XD

    Nothing beats fake lashes.

  3. kingyoshan: ok thanks for the pointer! :) gotta take extra care then.

    pouleen: i guess maybe it's BB (not really a true concealer) so the effect isn't as pronounced gua.

    lol, i've tried fake lashes once and the results was disastrous! haha. practice makes practice :)

  4. mostly from maybelline huh? hmm.. i've bought like 3 types of their mascara before but i think i'm quite bad at taking care of mascara coz after sometime, they get lumpy =/

  5. Maybelline's affordable :) some more got discount. haha. lumpy? maybe your mascara is over 3 months. it's not really very hygienic after that period.