Monday, May 7, 2012

Changed my blog url

Ok, failed to stay away from my blog even though exams are 35 days away.

But just a short update. I've changed my blog url from to :)

Decided to stick with missymiyen and make it my trade mark or something. I've learned to love it. Nguahahaha.

Initially I had a list of other alternative names. But each of them only held my attention for a few weeks max. And then the name would start not feeling right and end up in the bin. I know I very fussy.

Anyways, the current url is easier to remember and it's also my facebook profile name.

So if any of you are linked to my blog, be sure to change that link to :)

Can't wait until exams are over. So many things I wanna do!

Btw, I find this dress on Selena Gomez breathtaking.


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