Monday, April 9, 2012

What happens next in life?

What is life? What happens after studies?

To put it bluntly, most go on the usual path of pursuing academics, graduate and get a stable 9-5 job, get married, have kids, grow old, then die. Yeah, that's all dandy and all. Some people actually enjoy it. It's safe.

Although I find it kind of... boring. I know I'm not in the position to comment yet. Who knows? Maybe I'll end up enjoying that kind life.

But for NOW, I don't want that kind of monotonous life. I've seen too many grown-ups go through life like that.

Typical scenario (what I envision, what the public perceives, what movies make it look like):

Mrs. Woman wakes up in the morning dreading to go to work groggy face-d still not recovered from yesterday's long rush hour. She finds out she's late and rushes to work with unkempt papers, folders, and breakfast still in the mouth. And then you get the usual "staring into the computer" only to be broken by numerous, sleep-inducing meetings or lunch/toilet breaks. After a long day of work, she finally packs her stuff to go home only to end up getting stuck in the rush hour jam. Reaches home, does the housework, feeds the kids (let's say she has any), and finally gets the f*** into bed.

Pretty scary innit?

I don't know. Although I do dread getting into this dull-ish routine some time in life, I still am strangely excited to pass my exams and start working a 9-5 job and earn big money, save up, get my own place (and maybe even move in together with my better half) and just live my life making my own decisions for once.

So at that time I'll be seen as a typical full-fledged adult as described in the above scenario. Corny. But I guess never having a proper 9-5 job (part time jobs don't count) with good money coming in makes me wanna dive right into the experience.

Thinking about it now, I do feel a slight euphoria. I'm feeling the euphoria of my impending employment. It's always like that at the beginning. It's a new experience I'll be getting myself into a few years down the road if everything goes as planned.


Everyone has a game plan in life. The usual "I'm studying hard for my degree to achieve my dream of becoming a ____(insert occupation here)." We've all heard it.

I'm pursuing ACCA and the norm would be after passing my papers, I'd settle down into a 9-5 job with (hopefully) lotsa money coming in. Oh yeah, then climb the ranks of superiority.

But I wouldn't call that my "game plan". I'd rather call it my "back-up" plan.

You see, I'm young and I wanna try new things that will be a "little" too hard to have when I'm (much) older.

I love talking, I love writing.

I secretly want to do some kind of emcee-ing or hosting or whatever to that level of excitement.

I have a faint idea of how to get started. It is difficult getting exposure when you're at home studying. Lame.

But if I really want something... uh... I'll do it? Although I don't think I'll do anything more until June(shit you exams!) other than planting the seed of inspiration in me.

Whatever it is, I want to try to do much, much more in life. If I fail, who bloody cares? At least I know I tried. I won't regret not trying.

You know, some people have big breaks in life, some don't. But don't waste time sitting not doing anything. Life is too short to be wasted #soundinglikeaguru.

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