Thursday, April 19, 2012

Vanessa Hudgens: Don't Ask Why

Addicted to this song! It's a really pretty one :) Vanessa Hudgens: Don't Ask Why

Ahh... yes. Vanessa Hudgens! My first ever girl idol! *loves*

Selena Gomez! Love her to bits too! My latest girl crush!

Don't know why, but both my girl crushes are dark-haired, olive skinned and fresh faced. I guess because I can relate to the way they look. Similarities = dark hair, dark skin. Lol!

So today I had sisterly fun with Merlin :)

I planned to have a short photo session for the Nestle Incredible Story contest. You know, take pictures of Nestle products and the likes. I really wanna have a good go at it! #ftw I need a boost to this site. So yeah :P

Anyway, the session turned out to be really fun and productive. I got many more photos than originally planned. So I'll have a post specially prepared for those piccies after I'm done with my Nestle Contest ;) Very satisfied with the results :D

Plan for tonight:

  • Finish 2 F7 lectures 
  • Finish 1 F8 lecture
  • Complete the rest of F5 June 2011 past year paper
  • Sleep not later than 1.30!!! Been sleeping at 2.30am - 3am past few nights.
  • Use up my last face mask 
Anyways, boyfie is back tomorrow :)

Aite, that's all!

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