Monday, April 23, 2012

Taking a leap of faith

Alright, I've already played all my cards... at least for now. Boh liao cards ady! All I can do is sit back, enjoy the present and watch the show unfold.

I know you don't know what the hell I'm talking about now, but suffice to say, I am mentally drained. I should give my brain a rest. *pats brain*

I want things to take a more solid form soon so I can direct my energies more resourcefully. Everything is too elusive to talk about yet.

On another note, my chinese boy came back over the weekend. As usual, spent  all  most of our time together. I think his mother must hate me already. Haha. No la, she loves me :P He left for KL again this morning. Missshhhh my chinese boy larh.

Welcome to the world of  semi  LDR.

Random drawings I sketched the other day.

It's been some time since I drew manga. Feels good to be back drawing gargantuan eyes.

You know what? I feel like creating another blog just on drawings and illustrations and comics etc. I think that will be really cool :) But I gotta learn up Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop first. And that ain't happening until after my June exams. Gah :(

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