Saturday, April 14, 2012


Yes, yes, I am shamelessly asking people to sign up so I can get some ka-ching. What? You never done that before?

Ok, I haven't been actively churping in Churp Churp (ok, maybe a bit lame) because:

1. Lazy
2. Doubtful

I've written a post about it before, so I won't bother explaining again. You can do a search on my blog if you want or just google "Churp Churp".

It's been a year since I shared any campaigns already.

This time I wanna start sharing more campaigns again. Reason is I got in touch with Sophie, my ex-high school friend, and she's been telling me that it does work! The money does come rolling in. You just got to be persistent and... patient. A quality I lack.

I have to admit that not having many friends who blog, "nuffs", or "churps" really makes me feel like I'm doing a one person show. FML. So glad that I got in touch with her. This is her blog:

Now why do I sound some like money maniac? Because I am!! Haha. Yeshh, I'm saving up for a camera, s for god's sake, click the goddamn link below and sign the hell up. You got nothing to lose. Thx.

sign up and EARN REAL MONEY by asking your other friends to sign up!!! the more, the richer you get. sign up already! #ChurpChurp

Now to study T.T

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