Thursday, April 19, 2012

My Nestle Incredible Story

Disclaimer: This is a post for a contest organised by Nuffnang. Further details here. Do try your luck. It is fun.

Obligatory shot:

For my story, I shall focus on Nestle Milo simply because it is awesome pawsome.

Before I move on...

I think I should change the title to My Nestle Pathetic Story.

And so my pathetic story goes like this...

Back in the 1990's (man, I sound old), there were 3 blind brave musketeers: 2 little boys (my brothers) and one very, very cute, smart, courageous little girl (me, obviously).

Together, they were unstoppable. And they loved anything their mama did not approve of. Now that, was dangerous.

One of it was MILO. It was indeed a rare treasure in the house. All sorts of measures were in place to prevent the trio from getting to that sought-after tin of Milo. High up places, adults always watching over them etc.

Milo - the nectar from the gods. It tasted so good that the 3 of 'em could finish up a tin in a day. It gave them powers they could only dream of.

Although there were obstacles between them, but yet the desire burns ever more strongly.

Little girl remembers the tin being hidden in a secret location, somewhere higher than they could possibly reach with their height challenged physique. It was on top of the shelves in the kitchen - the dungeon of danger.

The three would often plot and scheme - and then wait for the right time to strike.

Every time when their mama was not looking, the trio would stack up chairs upon chairs to get the nectar down to their rightful owners. But the 3 musketeers were smart. In fact, more than smart. It was... cosmic genuis.

They did not not finish it up at one go! Ah, what a surprise. They needed to leave a suitable amount so that no one would suspect.

But of course every adventure has a misadventure. And so they were often caught. They each received punishments worthy of their courage: 2 twists of the ear and woe if anyone of them were not wearing any shorts, there was the horrible "hanger to bare butt".

Of course after that, they had to face a jail term - facing the wall for a whole 30 minutes. Dreadful.

Those were the days when democracy was not in place.

Fast forward 10 years, the trio blossomed into teens, excelling both in strength and brains. They now had the voice and independence. There was a swift but smooth uprise. And finally, democracy was installed.






And so, those peaceful years saw the prospering of MILO.

There was even growth of more treasures other than the MILO. There was:

Nestle Bliss...

and the famous Maggi...

The End.

So yeshh. That was a little piece of adventure courtesy of MILO that would have gotten your heart pumping and rumping. I apologize.

As an apology I have prepared a little surprise, a little gift of my own if you don't mind...  - to give a little twist to this special Nestle post, my first ever hand drawn illustrations in a blog post! I love drawing but never actually thought of putting it on my blog until now.

Anyways, presenting *drums roll* ....

"Those childhood days with Nestle MILO" - hand drawn by moi

Scene 1

Scene 2

Hope you enjoyed it! Thank you Nestle for all those memories~


That is my promise... when I am fat and rich. What say you?

And now, after working my poor brain, fingers, eyes, back, nose, armpit for hours, I shall unwind with... whaddaya know?

Aaahh... Milo...

Will be doing more comics in the future. Currently learning up Adobe Illustrator (Bl**dy confusing. I know it's day 2, but still.) but for now, it's plain ol' black & white. Special thanks to mama who beared with me all through this! It was hard. I know. Haha.