Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Exams are my priority now

Exams start mid-june. I am not in University or college. Rather it's acca self-studying.  And therefore I do not have extra back-up marks from assignments, quizzes and projects. My passing completely boils down to the amount of marks I can collect solely from the 3 papers I'll be sitting for.

Passing rate is 50% and there's only 2 more months to go.

So that means I'll be saying "no" to a lot of casual requests to hang out or whatever for these 2 months.

Sorry! But I really, really need to get those marks down pat! After June exams, it will all be corals and angels singing and... you get the idea. By that time, I'd be without a care in the world... for a while at least. So I'll be saying "yes" a lot more often :)
P.s. I have finally been to AEON STATION 18 IPOH! Woohoo! Will be writing about it in my upcoming post :D

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