Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Earthquake in Sumatera

Ok... this is strange but this late afternoon, family felt a tremor in the house. At that time I was out with my friend. I then received a call from home at about 4.30pm. And then the weirdest thing came out from my mum's mouth, "we felt an earthquake at home so get your butt back home." Ok la, the "get your butt back home" was just a joke.

According to mum, everyone at home felt dizzy (my dad thought he had some health problem at that time cuz his heart was beating really fast), the place was shaking and the feeling was just... surreal. Like when someone bangs a gong near you, then you have that ringing sensation enveloping your being. The water in the bottle was rippling for a good 5 minutes. The picture frame was also moving.

After going back home, dad told me that an earthquake of a magnitude of 8.7 had just hit Sumatera. Wow. Too bad I wasn't home to feel the tremor. I feel like cursing. Singapore and Penang really felt it too.

There's been a tsunami alert in 28 countries already and Malaysia's one of them. And naturally, there's panic in Indonesia. Evacuations to higher ground has already started.

I will not elaborate further. Go read the news or google it. But suffice to say...

God bless everyone.

Om Sai Ram.

But now, I shall deviate disgustingly and study my F5. Suddenly sounds terribly trivial, but oh well. Duty calls.

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