Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Chocolate Indulgence & Skinny's Belated Birthday

Oh whaddaya know. Another birthday. Wheee~

Ok, I'm gonna keep this post short cuz I got a million and one other things to do. Busy, busy~

I can safely say there are at least 8 birthday posts a year. Sooo... feels like a chore to write a long post on it. I mean got pictures, have to use ma. Maybe next time it'll just be pictures and the name of the birthday boy/girl. BUT. If if's a full-blown smashing, crazy birthday party, then FTW!

Moving on.

Birthday Boy of the day: Skinny.

No pictures of humans and its surroundings because nobody cared to look camera-ready. Actually got, but to post them up, um... I'd rather not.

Anyways, star of the show: Secret Recipe's Chocolate Indulgence!

Beware: Pictures of cake ONLY!


Secret Recipe: Fine Quality Cakes (cuz I was bored)

See the title? Momma's idea.

Yummeh mummeh.

 See the design? Took the SR staff like 5 minutes.

Name: Chocolate Indulgence
Weight: +/- 2kg
Price: RM82.00

Ok that's enough. Eh, if any of you are part of Nuffnang, join "Nestle My Incredible Story" lah. I'm joining :) B~


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  2. I really appreciate it ^^ Thanks :)

  3. Great sharing and I know of many who will drool over the cakes from Secret Recipe.

  4. good luck for Nestle contest! :D