Sunday, April 15, 2012

Anonymous the great marshmallow thrower

Warning: This post is solely to blast Anonymous's pants of his... um... legs. Nothing more. Facts are used for cannons.

Anonymous on my dad's blog is being such a pussy wuss. Quit hiding behind a wall, throwing marshmallows around. Grow up dude.

Recently, my brothers, Skinny and Stick participated in a chess tourney in Brunei and they did pretty well as far as I'm concerned.

But the highlight (to me at least) was when Skinny won against GM Richard Bittoon! Whoopee! We as familia were elated!

In fact, I personally think the Malaysian juniors all performed well or at least as expected in Brunei.

Anyways, I'm not really involved in chess politics and what not. But I came across a few of Anonymous's comments on my dad's chess blog and oh boy, when someone TRIES to even criticize my family without any basis, it ain't gonna be pretty.

I will refer to anonymous as IT because I don't know it's gender.

These are some of it's comments (in blue):

Comment 1:
Poor Wigan could do a MU, once a long while, after 14 defeats and at a crucial time to MU too. GM's are not computers. They fall ill, feel unwell, but you don't know. Just look at the games and they tell you that the GM's were trying unjustifiably to win at the expense of losing. Was Yit Ho not doing a repetition and he was not trying to win. 

Obviously Skinny wasn't trying to win at first. He wanted to at least draw. Dude, his opponent's a GM. Gawd, you're stupid. 

Anyways in that position, it's perfectly fine for Skinny to repeat moves. What? You telling me you can break through that position against a GM? Go jahol yourself. HAHAHA! 

But to be able to even reach that position with the position still intact, Skinny did a good job.

Now looking at the other side of the coin, obviously the GM would try to win. Hello? What? You wanna draw with someone a few hundred rating points lower than you? 

The GM had to take the risk if he wanted to win in that position, and consequently, he outreached himself. But for Skinny to actually take advantage of that, he gotta have some skill.Instead, what anon said was the GM was trying UNJUSTIFIABLY to win. Therefore, trying to win an equal position against a much weaker opponent (in terms of rating) is UNJUSTIFIABLE in anon's book of marshmallows.

Go - ja - hol - your - self. 

Why do I seem to be stating the obvious? Oh wait, because anonymous can't see the obvious. It left its brain in the marshmallows. 

Li Tian's game was unclear and there were chances. The GM decided, what the heck, he was not going to lose points to an upstart. If we have a match up between Mas and Li Tian TODAY and in the next 1 year, I bet all of you will bet on Mas. Yes, Li Tian is the star of tomorrow, but the present still belongs to Mas. Also note the ratings of the GM's.

Won't comment on this since isn't about familia.

Comment 2:
"I have been observing Malaysian junior chess for some 11 years now..."(Quote from my dad)

I guess that explains your obvious lack of knowledge of the 1990's. 

Anonymous is stating that he is an expert in the Lost World of 1990's. 

Eddie, please stick to what you know.

Not only is he an expert on the Lost World of Atlantis  1990's. He also thinks he's Gandalf the Great. He knows everythiinnnggggg... Problem is, Gandalf's dead. Or is he? 

What, you my dad's grandpapa now? Anonymous, please stick to jaholing yourself. That's what you do best. 

Oh one more thing. I know why you stay behind your wall. You must be too busy jaholing. Sorry. Continue at it.

P.s: Nobody prompted me to write this post, I wrote it to protect familia from those mean marshmallows. 

Chess X-pose

Update: Oooohhh... somebody's saying that the sound of the self-blown trumpet's too loud bla, bla, bla. Scarryyyy.... Anon 2 (or is it the original anon???) is blind. I'm just blasting Original Anonymous pant's off. I like it. Not blowing any self-blown trumpet rumpet. Got a problem with that?


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