Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Should I continue saving up for my Samsung Galaxy S2 which has a very decent camera but risk not being able to capture special moments in the near future.


Should I take a chunk out of my account and get a decent camera, in which case the Samsung Galaxy S2 will have to wait?

So two days ago, Angel came over for some girl time. She brought along an army of clothes , make up and stuff. Haha.

Here's how my table looked. Ya, there's an egg tart over there.

We first put on some make up.

Getting any hair out of the way before painting my face, or rather my eyes.

I did mine pretty fast. Rather basic make up. My eye make up consisted of shades of browns and glittery pink. And my eyes are pretty dark and deep set naturally so color-wise there um... wasn't much of a difference. Haha.

That's why mascaras and eyeliners are vitally important. I wasn't aiming for Lady Gaga. I don't really want purple eye make up cuz knowing my barely there make up skills, I'd end up looking like Godzilla's wife.

So while waiting for Angel to complete her look, I camwhored.

Need to do something with those bangs.

MOWGLI (cuz she looks like that character from Jungle Books and she's usually prancing around with her underwear on) and I!

More... more!

This is my sister, Merlin, doing what she was born to do.

This is my best rendition of her pose.

This is how I usually look.

Oh, and finally Angel's ready!

Pretty leh? I did the fake eye lashes for her! My first time :D

Obligatory friendship picture!

And now, for the first time... *drums roll*

Ok, skip that. So this is the first time I'm actually doing some kind of Cheeserland-fashion-post-thingy where outfits are shown.

Top from Ipoh Parade - dunno what's that shop called.
Skirt also from Parade - this one also dunno, but it's from Thailand.
Boots - You'd never guess. RUSSIA! Haha.

Ok, maybe this fashion-post thingy isn't working out cuz I don't really remember the names of the places I buy clothes.

Anyway... whatever la.

Second and final outfit.

Dress from Times Square - no idea what's the name called again. But! JB bought this for me. Heehee.
Heels - Angel's one.

Cuz I was bored.

You know what, maybe I should do more of these fashion posts! Cuz I'm slim now. HAHAHAHAHA!


YES!!!! DONE!!!!!!!! WOOHOOO!!! Tau tak aku demam giler sekarang?? Yes, for my readers I painstakingly completed this post with a fever! I blame my brother whole heartedly for passing on the virus to me! I HATE IT!!! Ok, have to rest now. If not faint. Seriously T.T

P.S. Starting from tomorrow, I don't think I'll be blogging that often because of coming exams and all that shit T.T


  1. wuahahah last night I was also trying out the emoticon on my pic :D