Friday, March 16, 2012

New Nagas Chess Tourney

Right now I'm in DATCC, the litte quaint quarters of Malaysian chess near the heart of KL. I'm currently playing in New Nagas Standards Chess Tournament. Today is day 2 and the final day. My dad's organizing this 2-day event.

This is the first tournament I've joined after such a loooong time. I think it's been more than a year and a half since my last competition. So I was kinda hesitant to play. Helping out no problem la.

But to play? Man, I really thought I was sorely out of practice. I scared get last, tarak face pulak. Most of the opponents were good (for me la) e.g. Jax Tham, Fadli Zakaria, my brothers etc. But in the end, to hell with my face la. To be honest, I miss the game. Some more, this tournament is actually a family project. So I want to give my full support.

At this stage of the tournament, I think I'm doing alright and having fun :) And I'm definitely not last. Haha!

I've just drawn round 6 and am waiting for the final round.

Will update more once I get back home.

Ah yes. Before signing off for the last game of the tournament, remember my last post? So my soul sister, Angel, wrote an awesome sauce post on her blog backing me up here. *sniff*sniff*

So touched laa... T.T

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