Friday, March 2, 2012

It's March! - and successfully paid ACCA exam fees


*ahem* okay. So yesterday I wanted to register and pay my ACCA exam fees for the June 2012 exam session. And to get a discount on the fees, I had to pay before the 8th of March (for early bird payments). After this date, I would be charged the standard rate. And the difference is like RM50++ per paper. And I'm taking 3 papers. And I'm not a gazillionare..... yet.

There weren't any hiccups when paying for my previous 4 papers through myACCA (online). But this time round, I encountered problems.

I was unable to pay my acca exam fees through myACCA after trying the whole time I was at home.

From yesterday morning, I've been trying and trying and trying to get through the system. I seriously felt like puking. And every time just after the FINAL step, I always got this message:

"Your payment has been unsuccessful - please try again."


I tried the whole of yesterday's morning - then in the afternoon went out with Angel which I'll write below - and then tried the whole frigging night.

No success. I looked up forums and they said that ACCA's server is usually congested during times nearing the payment deadline.


Started to feel very desperate. I needed the specials rates! Frigging frustrating I tell ya.

FYI, I'm using Maybank debit card. Had no problems paying the previous papers, overseas banking service activated etc.

So this morning, I tried again but then something happened and then Maybank blocked my card.


Cuz uh... I tried waaayyy too many times..

So finally, I called up Maybank after many, many, many tries. Then finally a lovely lady answered the phone (FINALLY). I think god must have heard my prayers.

And she told me what to do. I found out that I'm supposed to increase my purchase limit.

I think my purchase limit at that time was RM500. I think that's the default and previously, I paid my papers one at a time. But this time, I'm paying all at once since they're held at about the same time. So 3 papers at my current study level cost me RM1000.

No wonder lah.

I didn't give a damn and maximised my purchase limit so I wouldn't get into any other problems similar to this.

After reaching home, did the whole drill again and with fingers crossed -


So anyone experiencing problems paying fees through myACCA even though you have activated the overseas banking service of your debit/credit card, maybe you could try increasing your purchase limit.

Oh, oh. Also try paying in the AFTERNOON (around 1pm to 3pm Malaysian time). The server wouldn't be as congested as compared to other times of the day.






Ok, shit. Have to start being Hermione Granger.

At times like this, I do wonder if I were attending classes, what the difference would be. My time would definitely be more defined by my timetable. But for now, I'm enjoying the flexibility of my time.

I may complain about missing out stuff, but at the end of the day, I just wanna feel grateful. Once I start working, I'll be missing this period of time so bad.

And who knows what I can do with my time in the near future?

Moving on, I went out with Angel yesterday. Went to play a few games of pool at Maxbreak. Out of 4 games, I won 3! Haha. Both of us are relatively newbies to the game, so maybe I got lucky :P

Then went for an early dinner at McD. Gossiped and yapped so much like we usually do. I can never post our conversations here. They are way too... deep. Lol.

Anyway, both of us may be planning to do something new together. Can't tell you what yet. We'll see. But I'm kinda excited if everything goes smooth-sailing :D

Note to self: Shouldn't walk back home alone too often.


  1. having same problem wif u about the payment for acca exam fees via maybank2u online.... den i google it and try to find solution and linked to ur blog... haha... btw.. how u increase ur purchase limit ?

  2. I can't really remember the exact steps. But you do it all at your atm. I do know that you have to go to "Other transactions" that will lead you after a few steps to "Purchase limit". Do call up Maybank or just go to the info counter to ask for assistance. It's very fast.

    Hope this helps!

  3. Oh, and you don't pay your fees through Maybank. Rather you pay them through myACCA.

    And might I know what papers you're taking? :)

  4. oh... i changed the limit to 2k in the bank counter der.... and i tried several times but still failed.... payment unsuccessful again.. =.= gonna call for assistance later.... btw i am taking F7 and F8 this sem... u ?

  5. Hi, I'm facing a problem when paying ACCA exam fees. It stated my mobile phone number is not registered for Verified by VISA authentication. I've registered for TAC before, do you think will it related with purchase limit also. If I have to pay fees around RM370, but I have only rm390 in my debit card, do you think I can pay it successfully ?

  6. Try paying in the afternoon. Escpecially since it's so close to the deadline (8th March) now, the server may be congested. So keep trying!

    And make sure your "overseas banking service" is activated so that you can pay in pounds sterling (gbp). Your debit card may only be limited to local purchases.

    Also, you have to make sure that you have registered your mobile number with your debit/credit card. Maybank helped me link my number to my card the first time I opened my Maybank account. Personally go to the bank to settle this.

    Good Luck!

  7. How to make sure "overseas banking service" is activated?

  8. Do ask/call the bank. They'll guide you on every step. Very helpful.

  9. Hi there, I paid successfully ! Thanks for your advice, thank you very much ! :DD

  10. No problem. Glad to help! :)

  11. I have unique problem , myACCA account is not being opened. I tried so many things , took help from customer services, sent email, called Uk. but in the end received same error

    " you have no longer access on this page".
    what should I do now?

  12. Are you from Malaysia? Try calling Wisma KL in charge of ACCA. can try going there personally too. I've never had this problem before. Sorry.

    And sorry for taking so long to reply! :(

  13. Hi!My maybank Visa Debit was unable to pay the fee as well!But lucky i found your web!Thanks so much!As the first time i called up maybank,they told me my card has no problem.LOL!(after reading your blog),I decided to call them again!And they have activate the oversea wat so ever!Thanks a million!Over excited as already tried to make payment for few months!

  14. So happy you managed to pay! Yay! Glad to help :D

  15. Hi there, I am Max from Sunway, I encountered the same problem also,do I need a TAC to do the online payment?thx..

  16. I don't think you need a TAC as I don't remember applying for a TAC to pay.

  17. Ooo really~thx~ then do Maybank charge online transaction fees per transaction or any other kind of fees??

  18. ya they will. i'm not sure exactly how much, but it's a very small amount. so no worries :)

  19. Successfully made my payment after so many calls to Maybank hotline >.<. Initially need to go to the branch to activate TAC and call the hotline to activate MSOS code, was so disturbing, but finally made it. Thanks hehe^^