Monday, March 19, 2012

Feeling grateful & Life update!

Tonight, I don't know why but my heart feels very warm and nice and fuzzy and all other positive words you can think of. I'm just soooo grateful for everything that is and that has happened.

God has a funny way of working. Initially, things may not turn out to be what I want, but in the end, it turns out to be the best decision I've (unwillingly) made!

I want to trust and know that I'm being taken care of (spiritually?) and guided every step of my life.

Everything that's happened, happens for a reason.

Ok. Thought of listing down "things I'm grateful for" but suddenly my instincts told me that I still had to complete the final F5 chapter.

Anyway, I will still jot down my... *deng*deng*deng*

Life update!!!

Just had to do that. So ya...

Won some ka-ching yesterday at the chess tourney! But I've spent it on family's dinner at Teppanyaki in Sg Wang. That's the least I could do for my papa who's been the most generous father I could ever ask for. I only have one father. Hahaha. Ok. Not funny.

After coming back from KL after a grueling 2 days, I was and still am very tired. Like drop dead kinda tired. Like... like... zombified. Like... soul deprived. Ok, who thinks I'm exaggerating? But really lor.

Esp last nite. 2day ok ad la. Shit. I blogging like I texting ad.

Not to say the 2 days were bad, it was fun and good! That's why it's so tiring! Is it me or do I not make any sense? Anyway, I always love family-time-shopping-in-KL-chess-go-here-go-there kinda trips. Having a big noisy family always adds to the fun :)

But can't wait for the Royale Starex. Then the whole family won't be cramped up. Sorry I crashed the first car :(

So last night, I fell asleep on the couch waiting for JB to finish watching football. After I don't know how long, he woke me up and in a gentle, romantic and affectionate way told me.... that I had saliva all over his pillow.


Other than that, I talked in my sleep too. I RARELY ever do that. Can't remember the last time I did it other than last night. Man, I must've been fatigued.

FYI, all the men in my life (as in my bros, my dad, my ONE bf and even my grandpa in case you get any funny ideas) are all crazy football fans. My life is filled with football junkies. So yeah... I shall be that typical girlfriend that sits in the corner while she waits for her boyfriend to finish watching 22 men chase a ball around a field.

No lah... I like football too! *grins* Okayyy....

So bla, bla, bla... Can't wait to get my hands Samsung Galaxy S2!!!

I shall write a longer, better post with pictures next time. Promise! But duty calls and I need to cure my guilty conscience and STUDY!!!

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