Monday, March 5, 2012


Sometimes I read topics from forums or where ever and I find it interesting. So I write a blog post relevant to the topic and post a link of my post back to that specific forum topic.

AND THEN, some people go bananas and start chiding me for trying to sneakily promote my blog... in a frigging SARCASTIC way. I mean, wtf. Seriously. My business lah. Why do you even care?

And when I write my own experiences about job applications in Genting or how I tackle ACCA payment problems or whatever, I'm trying to help people get relevant, reliable information considering how little information the Internet has on these specific areas. Especially since I know how it feels being in their shoes.

I'm not even selling anything or asking for anyone's money.

And you know what, there are other people OPENLY promoting their stuff. Go chide them lah. Some people really have stagnant air for brains and should shut the hell up instead of blurting out ignorant rubbish.

I feel like cursing a lot more, but shall refrain.

Ok, enough bitching ranting. I'm hungry.

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