Saturday, February 4, 2012

Some me time

So yarh... what was I supposed ta be writing again.

Ok, short life updates.

Met up with Angel last week for some bonding time. Had some japanese food in BB. Dunno wazzit called. Took a few pictures but she hasn't uploaded them yet. We ordered a few japanese finger foods and milkshakes. Milkshakes. The star attraction. Not in good way. I was practically dying of thirst and I ordered vanilla milkshake. It was very sweet. Like drinking sweetened milk with vanilla ice cream. Angel couldn't finish hers either. So that's about RM13 down the drain. But good thing the lemon sherbet we ordered arrived at the end. That was zesty and refreshing.

(UPDATE: Angel has finally blogged and posted pictures of our outing above. Ah, yes it was Shunka :P )

Then a few days ago went to Ipoh parade with Meitheng and Loges. Watched Haywire, bought a peach colored tank top while they went "book-shopping"with their RM200 vouchers (Unfair. I don't have. Disadvantages of self-studying.) and had late lunch in Sushi King.

Note to self: Except with family, do not order set meal at Sushi King. I couldn't finish my set meal - as in there was still 80% left - cuz I ate too much of the individual plates off the belt. It's tasty and there's a whole variety to choose from.

I think I sound rather bland here. Cuz I'm feeling bland cuz I have so much to study and I hope I can keep up with the deadlines :(

Anyway, I'm embarking on a long-term self-improvisation project. It sure sounds a hell lot better when I write it down like that. By long-term I mean like 2 years.

The project is actually all about stuff like improving health, getting straight passes for acca, trying to be less annoying, being less vain bla, bla,bla. You know, self-development stuff.

Remember my weight resolution last year? I've achieved my target weight of approx. 48kg already :) I feel like I can lose more. 47kg perhaps? But I don't think I should. We'll see. Right now, I wanna start jogging and exercising again. Just to tone up.

On another note, when the hell is my hair going to grow longer? Fark. I bought the February Cleo mag and there's a hair voucher that gives you a 50% discount when you go to selected hair salons. But the salons are like Miko salon etc. which is are pretty well-known hair salons. So getting 50% isn't really that a big deal if you know what's in my bank account.

So donations anybody? :P

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