Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Oh hi!

I give up lah. Planned to finish Variance Analysis last night but I'm still going at it. The whole morning wasn't even sufficient to complete what I couldn't complete last night. Bloody long chapter. Not to mention I have 2 more chapters to go for today. Taking a break now.


2 days ago, me made Lemon Cheese Cake for da 1st time! Philadelphia cream cheese frigging expensive lah. I used a non-baking recipe. That means instead of baking the cake, I chilled it. Healthier. Right? RIGHT? Actually I dunno. Just say only.

Ok, may not be the best looking Lemon Cream Cheese cake you've seen, but at least family liked it! *defensive*

Ingredients for the uh... white layer: lemon juice, cream cheese and condensed milk.

For the crust: crushed biscuit crumbs mixed with butter.

Then afterwards chill in fridge.

All from memory cuz so bloody easy to make. Lol.

Should stop using the word "bloody".

Moving on. Last night, bathroom light went out... again. So skinny went to change light bulbs but the light was too dim. So he stuck candles all over the side of the bathroom.

Who's up for a romantic candle-lit bath?

Later when I went into the bathroom, I suddenly felt like I had entered an eerie castle. When I finally came out of the imaginary, this was what happened to me.






Ooooooooo... Ooooooooo... Gollum forehead.

Ok, lame.

Eh, I look kinda cute lah. Right? RIGHT??

Alright gonna take a nap before hitting that stupid chapter again.

P.S. FYI, my hair is not thinning! It's just that I have lotsa baby hair and a muthaf***ing big forehead.

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