Monday, February 13, 2012

Of sunflowers and daffodils

Just got me ACCA F4 result today. Me passed! :) It was a law paper so me had better pass or else shame on me...

Me know me haven't updated me blog for the longest time. Me just exaggerating. But it has been pretty long. Me feels.

Before moving on, Me sister, Boo, broke me digital weighing scale!!! RM60 gone down the drain. Boohoohoo :(

The last time me weighed, me was 46.9kg. Me dunno whether to be happy or worried. Me mummy and some people say me face is gaunt. I think cuz me no exercise and me losing weight... unhealthily, me thinks.

Like this morning, me collapsed after getting out of bed. Me leg no energy and me dizzy. Me daddy said it's a dead leg - meaning me slept wrong position and there wasn't any blood flow. Dunno whether it's because me lack of nutrients or it really was a dead leg. Me thinks its the latter.

So me gonna start with last week. Me went on an Ipoh date with me bf. We watched 2 movies: Chronicle and Journey 2. Good stuff :)

Chronicle was cool. It tells a story through the lens of this socially awkward boy who's entire life is filled with bullies, taunts, and teases. No faimly love to him either.

So one day he gets supernatural powers together with 2 other friends. And their journey of self-discovery starts. Ending was... uh... something like "I am Number 4." That means there will probably be a sequel.

Journey 2 was amazing. Funny plot, nice graphics, a pretty ending and one of me favorite actresses (Vanessa Hudgens) is starring in it. Nuff' said :)

After the movies, we bought a piece o' cake from Secret Recipe. Chocolate Indulgence! *smacks lips*

Secret Recipe holds sweet memories for me. It was me first birthday gift from BF 2 days before we got together :)

One piece cost RM6.50. Me thinks it's worth it cuz a piece of Secret Recipe cake is BIG. Easily keeps 2 people happy.

So bla, bla, bla. End of date.

A few days ago, me hung out with me girlfriends and bulldog at KFC: Loges, Mei Theng and Remy. We had so much to talk about. Yapped for about 5 hours. No kidding. We even planned a trip to Hatyai, Thailand the coming June semester break. Me dunno whether it'll work out. Cuz me also have other plans then. We'll see.

So it was all fun and dandy except the parts where Remy kept making fun of me, me parents and me bf. Me dunno what's wrong with him. Me didn't like it.

After 5 hours of plastering me butt on the chair, Loges and me took a walk around Kampar. It feels nostalgic. Loges gonna be one of me besties forever *loves*

Enough with the updates.

Lately, me is obssessed with cakes! Not the normal cakes but the really big, fancy ones. Me obssessed with TLC's Cake Boss and Fabulous Cakes. The cakes they make are soo creative and fun. Makes me dream of me own wedding cake!

Me also been watching Say Yes to the Dress online. It's a reality show where brides choose their dream wedding gown. It seems so exciting :D

Me don't know what will happen in the future, but me thinks me will plan me own wedding. No wedding planner. It seems so fun :P

Oh yes, tomorrow's Valentine's! He's already back in Uni but it's ok. We already celebrated on Saturday with a big dinner. Best part of dinner. The fish! I loved it especially since it was fresh. The sauce was really good :P

On a last note, me thinks this is Google's best header so far :)
Classic and old school. Me likes :)

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