Monday, February 27, 2012

More updates

Whatever happens, no matter how tough things may get, I'll never leave you. I promise.

Now on for some updates:

Went horsing around with Angel a few days before. Had some food at a cafe cuz it was starting to rain.

Mango House. I like!
Angel's drink: Iced Coffee Love Mocha. Man, the glass was HUGE!
My drink: Highland Strawberry Chocolate. Yums!

Photos courtesy of Angel.

We also ordered some french fries. Note to self: Golden bars is a direct translation of chinese. It means french fries. Got fooled there. Haha.

So we yapped there for like a million years. Lol. Everytime we get together, we can never stop talking.

Moving on, JB came back for the weekend. I'll miss him badly now that he's gone back to KL T.T

Can't wait for the long semester break to come. Sigh...

Oh yes, I'm lagging behind my studies, I haven't eaten dinner yet (Need to gain a bit of weight now. Can't believe I'm saying this.) and why the hell am I still here??


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