Monday, February 27, 2012

Iphone 4 vs Samsung Galaxy S II

SO what was I gonna write again?

Oh yes.

I'm planning to get a new phone in a year's time. Currently I have a RM90 LG phone. Lol. It serves its purpose but ya know, I'm human.

So I want a really, really good phone that takes nice pictures, have cool apps, pretty design, smooth performance etc.

Finance-wise, I don't want to hold back on this aspect. If I wanna buy a new phone, might as well buy something that I really like and that's gonna last a long time.

Also I've always wanted a decent camera that takes pictures that are sharp and clear enough for blogging purposes.

So I've narrowed my choices to 2 phones that are tops in the market for NOW: Iphone 4 and Samsung Galaxy SII.

You read right, Iphone 4, not 4S because I don't see any use talking to my phone.

A bit pathetic lor.

Price for both phones is around RM1800-RM2000 now. In a year's time, prices will drop so that's what I'm waiting for.

I'm still deciding which to go for. Some differences between the 2 phones in terms of:


Iphone 4 wins in this aspect for me. I love, love, love, the sleek metallic white casing. It feels very sophisticated and feminine (sorry guys!). And the screen! Gotta love the screen. It's so smooth and polished.

The SII design isn't bad either. It's just that some reviewers complain about the plasticky feel to it. Especially the back. For me, I don't really mind about that. So long as it's durable enough. SII's screen is also really nice.

Conclusion: Both phones are good looking and both come in White (very important! I hate black). But Iphone 4 is more aesthetically pleasing to MY eyes.


SII screen is larger than the Iphone's. So is its body (duh...) So if you have shitty eye sight, then maybe the SII is the one for you. My eyesight is half-shitty. Haha. So yarh, both screens are fine to me. The SII kinda feels like a mini tablet rather than a handphone. I have a slight fear that it may be flimsy.

But whatever. I don't really care about the size cuz both of 'em ain't fitting into my shorts pocket! Yes, my shorts are pretty mini. So, nope. Anyway, I have 2 sim cards, my main sim card is gonna stay put in my LG phone. The secondary one is gonna go in the bombshell phone which is going in my handbag.

Conclusion: Dude, size doesn't matter!


Very important aspect for every (almost) girl. If you notice, my blog doesn't have very many pictures of me. So I fall into that rare category of NON-camwhores. I don't like taking pics of myself and posting them on FB for attention.

I LIED. Haha. I'm an attention whore in every way.

*ahem* So anyway, SII's camera is superior than the Iphone 4's. It's main camera is 8mp while it's secondary camera (the front-facing one) is 2mp. Whereas Iphone's main camera is 5mp while it's front camera is only o.3mp.

So SII is very tempting in this aspect. But actually 0.3mp quality isn't that bad especially if you know how to play around with photo editing.

Take a look at Xiaxue's picture taken using Iphone 4's front facing camera:

It looks real pretty to me!

Conclusion: Whatever it is, SII's camera wins hands down.


Performance-wise, both are really fast with a mountain load of downloadable apps to play with! Although I've only used Android before this, I wanna try Apple.

Detailed specs:
1. Iphone 4
2. Samsung Galaxy SII

Conclusion: Draw!

ANYWAAAYYY... enough talk. I'm gonna have to start saving now!


  1. hi ! well , i'm using SII and my friend using iPhone 4 .
    for me , both gadgets are so awesome .
    for SII now you can get below than its RRP . last month my other friend bought SII for only RM1500+ . there are lot of special features in SII , seriously ! i found lots of SII special features here :
    i think you should visit this website too .

    bout iPhone 4 , my friend bought it from Maxis . the phone already jailbreak by 'em . the benefits of jailbreak iPhone is , all apps in iTunes are free to download .

    so thats all i know :)

  2. RM1500++ only? Wow! That's a steal! Mind telling me where your friend bought hers from? Thanks :D

  3. Here's a perfect reason for you to avoid Apple, regardless of specs.

    Be sure to root your SGSII and install decent custom firmware and tweaks if you want to turn that sexy kitten into a beast.

  4. Wow... okaayyy... It was a bit painful to watch. Haha. But I think I just made my decision. Lol. Thanks for the video WooTz!

  5. Yeah, since you mention iPhone4 might as well get Samsung S2

  6. Galaxy SII is a pretty smooth phone.Totally recommended..
    But, if you are looking for a better cameraphone, I would suggest Galaxy Nexus that comes with Ice Cream Sandwich OS. It has 5 megapixel camera with 1080p HD video recording. The output is really amazing.

  7. Thanks everyone! I think I'll be getting the S2 after all :P And I found out its cheaper than the Iphone4. All well and dandy :D