Thursday, February 16, 2012

Happy Belated Valentine's Day!

Yay! I like the word Valentine's. I know it's a Christian saint's name who was buried somewhere in Via Flaminia. God knows where that is. After reading wikipedia, I still don't get how Valentine's day came about. Uh... because Valentinus was matryed? *shrugs*

But still, I like the name "Valentine's". Maybe I'll name my future daughter that. Hehe.

I like the advertisements, the articles, and the pictures of Valentine's day in newspapers, magazines and what not. Everything is so pink/red, girly, happy and romantic.

My last 2 Valentines' with him were very simple but meaningful. First was in Genting. This year's in old town. Basically we have a special dinner and little trinklets as gifts.

We don't go to fancy, posh restaurants dressed in formal attire with hair done-up and all. I requested not to be given anything too expensive. I think a big bouquet of roses could easily cost more than a hundred Ringgit!

Teddy bears, the good quality ones from Lovely Lace, are also like RM100++. I mean, we're both studying. Not working.

Once we're working, that's different. Hehehe.

Anyway, I'm already very happy just spending time together on that day :)

So how was your Valentine's?

Other Non V-day Updates:

FOK! ME WANNA NEW WEIGHING SCALE! Me been eating a lot these 2 days. Just now me ate a whole frigging bar of SNICKERS! WARGH... damn sweet! WARGGHHH!!! Will not eat them for the next 10 centuries. And then later me had a bowl of curry maggi mee. TOO MUCH. WARGHH!!!

WARGHH!!! So unhealthy. Me don't wanna me more than 48.5kg next time me weighs meself.

WARGHH!!! Me need a scale.

WARGHH!!! Me addicted to weighing scale.


Ok. Nitey-nite!


  1. ahahaha Happy Belated Valentine's Day <3

  2. Most might say Valentine's Day is great to express love, but not me. Pls do read why i call it a scam:)