Monday, February 20, 2012

Boo's birthday and toilet pics

Starting of with some sleepy, ugly (yes, pile on the compliments please) pictures of me for today's entry. I'm not exactly the fairest of maidens just after getting out of bed, but here goes:

Camwhoring in the toilet doing you-know-what after waking up. Please don't run away.

The reason why I wanted to get braces last time. Also, I have a slight overbite. Noticeable when I talk real loud and uh... wild. I guess that's god's way of asking me to shut up more often.

But my smile's okay. *ahem*

Anyway, I decided not to go for braces in the end cuz I couldn't bear parting with my natural smile for 2 whole muthaf***ing years.

If I had braces on, this would be how my smile will be for the next 2 years.

Sooo, I've been spending hours - literally HOURS - like 8 hours in front of the computer DAILY. And after that I'll be buried in my ACCA notes/books (not exactly studying, more like staring - but still) or reading the newspapers. So for more than half a day, my eyes hardly move. That's bad, that's really bad. And my vision is getting quite blurry.

The only time my eyes move is when I'm having REM when sleeping. LMAO!

This is taking a toll on me body.

So I'm gonna try ONE day not going on the computer. That's tomorrow.

And if that works out, maybe I'll take on the next day too. Ideally 3-4 days for my eyes to get some well needed rest.

Because if I continue like this, I think I could risk going blind when I'm older. And no, no, no. We don't want that do we?

Anyway, it'll do good for my concentration also since I need it badly for my studies. I have 3 toughies for June. F5 paper I heard is no easy-peasy.

And I need to finish up the whole syllabus for 3 papers by mid-March! I wanna start on past years and revision ASAP.

Moving on, yesterday was lil' Boo's birthday!

Boo - She da boss...

So bros and I bought her (and ourselves) lots of cakes!
American Brownie from Secret Recipe. That's all I managed to salvage for the camera.

Pecan Butterscotch - Yums! The butterscotch tasted like light caramel.

White Lady

American Chocolate Cake

Secret Recipe wins hands down over other bakeries' cakes. SR's cakes are soo soft and the filling is delish. Not "jelak" like other normal cakes ladden with whipped cream.

On an ending note: I LOVE PORTUGESE EGG TARTS!

Abrupt end.


  1. Hey there, it's been a while.

    And dayummm, you still look pretty right after bed and that's even without makeup! Impressive.

    And time to grab some egg tarts for myself, ciao.

  2. Thanks! Haha. Yes, egg tarts are gooood! Enjoy :P