Wednesday, January 4, 2012

'Tis the year to be jolly!

Welcome 2012!

Ok... I know I haven't update in a while and it's been already 4 days into the new year. But tis me first post tis 'ear!

So New Year's Eve was... meh. I got stuck watching football with JB and his friend instead of catching fireworks during midnight! Skinny and his friends even managed to accidentally stumble upon the fireworks display! How unfair is that?

Moral of the story, when your friend says there's no fireworks, don't take his/her word for it.


But... after that, all was cosy *loves*

So the past few days of 2012 have so far been good... and BUSY. I am completely overwhelmed just by thinking what I have to achieve this year.

So yesterday I read this from Yahoo! Shine (I'm a Virgo by the way):

Year 2012 Overview
This year is all about non-stop action for you, Virgo. With Mars spending the entire first half of 2012 in your sign, you may start to wonder if there will be any break in sight before 2013. The first quarter of the year will be under Mars's retrograde influence, a transit that could push you into a semi-neurotic workaholic mode. Be sure to give yourself plenty of physical outlets in order to channel all that excess Mars energy. When Mars turns direct in Virgo in May, you'll possess tremendous energy to make amazing things happen!

With Neptune moving back into your partnership sector in February, you'll settle for nothing less than your true soul mate; either that or you'll feel blissfully wedded to your spiritual nature ... or perhaps a little of both! In any case, this is the time of your life to realize how important it is to satisfy the longings of your soul. You've compromised, settled and rationalized trying to make the wrong relationship right for long enough. Now you're willing to wait for the real thing.

You'll be thrilled to know that Saturn, after putting the brakes on your spending over the last few years, is finally about to take leave of your financial sector. Any financial challenges you've had to endure since 2009 should come to an end this October. A change of residence or alterations to your current abode are possibilities under the next wave of eclipse patterns. June's full Moon lunar eclipse in your domestic sector is the beginning of many profound changes to affect both home and career prospects between late 2012 and early 2013. And then, the new Moon solar eclipse in November in your communication sector could bring new potential for learning, speaking, writing or travel opportunities.


Ok, the busy part was true. I'm not a staunch believer of these kinds of things although I like reading them for fun... but this year looks pretty good to me :P

Usually, every new year comes with new resolutions to form (and eventually take on - that is if your self-discipline doesn't fail you).

But right nowI couldn't be bothered about thinking up and forming new resolutions them down. Cuz I already am very, very clear and... just so, so goddamn clear (like pure mineral water) about what I have to do. It's not about whether I want to or not. It's a matter of dead if I don't.

Ok la, not to the extreme of dying. But you get the idea.

2012 To-do-list

2. Tetris battles (ya I know, very important!)
3. Chess
4. Prepare for the event of moving to KL a.k.a. earn & save money

A few exceptional resolutions that I will jot down:

2. Get a goddamn LAPTOP (no less than i5 processor)!
3. BLOG more often!

Ok, done.

I expected to write about my weight. But over the past weeks', I've noticed my tummy shrinking and during lunch (I don't really eat breakfast at home), I ate a small serving of fried rice with egg and my tummy already felt uneasy and queasy. And it was the like that for the past week.

Is this what it feels like to be thin? Lol.

Maybe in a week's time, I'll write down a more comprehensive, unnecessary resolution list.

So what's your new year's resolution?

P.s. Taylor Swift's "Crazier" song is soo beautiful! xoxo...
P.s. OMG, Super Junior's "Mr Simple" sooo sexy! *swoons*

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