Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Let it go

I shall forget the past.

The now is what's important. In fact, there is nothing wrong with now. Everything is good.

The only way that there is something wrong with now is if I keep pulling unnecessary baggage from the past and let it affect my present.

I don't want to feel gloomy or down again because of the past. I want to enjoy the now. The now is good and the future is bright.

Looking at it objectively, I have everything to be happy about.

I have a healthy, fully functional body, wonderful, supportive people around me, a nice place to stay in and something positive to look forward to everyday.

So why do I need to purposely pull myself so low by thinking about the past when it has already passed and doesn't affect me, unless I want it to?

I want to be more forgiving and grateful and appreciate all of life's moments.

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