Sunday, January 8, 2012

Ipoh shopping trip with family

Just got back from Ipoh and I feel like puking. BLEARGHHH!!! Car-sick :( Bleh...

Family and I first went to a famous tau fu fah shop in Ipoh. Dunno whazzit called. Ate a bowl of taufufah and drank some tau ching. Effing full.

Then later went to Yik Foong. Daddy bought a new computer. So now his old laptop has become the kids' property. Ngehehehehe.

I browsed the laptops there and I've decided to get meself (in the future lah) an ASUS, Corei3, NVidia GeForce, 14" inch laptop. Budget around RM2000. Not bad, not bad. Daddy says if I manage to do something (can't tell you wazzit, cuz if I fail then tarak face), he'll pay for me :)

Once I get my new laptop, I am so gonna go crazy and install Sims 2 and all it's expansion packs into it. I'm not too hot about Sims 3 cuz the graphics sucks.

So after that, we went to Ipoh Parade. Me bought me self a new pair of bling bling sandals for RM45 (!). I like the bling bling look but after walking a while with them on, they hurt soo much in between the toes!

I guess I could try to break into it by wearing it often by it's gonna be a painful process:( I think I just wasted Rm45 :(

Why the f*** didn't I just refuse it? Gah!

After we bought the shoes, we went to another shoe shop and the shoes there were so affordable and nice and... and... and... so... nice! WHY DOES THIS ALWAYS HAPPEN TO ME??? Some more, majority of them max RM20 per pair nia!

Merlin bought 2 pairs of shoes there, all for only RM40! And they're more comfortable!!!


Haih. Save money, save money, save money. No wait. More money, more money, more money.

Just ate Thai mango rice. It's pulut rice mixed with santan and sweet mango. It was nice for the first several bites but then it got a bit jelak after that.

F*** la. I can't download episode 18 of Lives of Ommission. And it's getting sooo interesting. So I hope episode 19 downloads fast enough.

Oh yes, tomorrow's Monday. Happy Monday everyone! Hehehehe.



  1. hey girl...update more on your innit laa wei~~~~
    i miss shopping with you...T^T
    tomorrow's monday and i'm gonna have monday blues, nights girl~~<3

  2. Just updated Innit :P
    I miss shopping with you too!! :(