Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Happy Dragon Year!

Hey everyone! It's the year of the Dragon! I have a feeling that its gonna be a pretty good year ;)

This year's CNY has been very enjoyable and memorable so far:) Can you believe that this is the first time after several years since I have actually celebrated CNY properly? Looking back its been... wow. Now it's... yay.

Although not all relatives were present, after a hiatus of 3-4 years, anything done and everyone present is special during the New Year as long as my family is together :)

So family left for KL on Sunday. Our first pitstop was Giant to buy some mandarin oranges as gifts for my relatives. Family also bought new shoes. I didn't buy because... um... it wasn't necessary?

Before we continued our journey, Mowgli went on a few motor car rides. Yeah, more than 1. Pictures below is the first car. There followed 2 more different cars. Really spoiling her la.

Hurry up!

After that we went to Bui Kor's house for New Year's Eve Reunion Dinner. Had steamboat! It was quite nice:) And have I told you that their house is so beautiful? It is!

There were also fireworks at a distant to cuci mata. Later cousins and siblings played with firecrackers. I did manage to throw one though. And that's about it. LOL. I dunno why, but I have a fear of loud noises since I was a kid.

Bui Kor's colleagues gave her and family cakes for CNY. I particularly liked this one. It was so moist and chocolatey (how to spell ah?).

Ok, this is getting tiring. All right, I'll let the rest of the pictures do the talking.

Fooling around in cousins' room. Stuffed poodle humping on stuffed pig.

Stuffed smaller bear humping on stuffed bigger bear.

The person behind those masterpieces?

Skinny - The perverted artist.

The next day - shopping at the Curve and Ikea! OMG, it's been sooo goddamn long since I went to Ikea. I remember when I was living in KL, one of my favorite places was Ikea.

I loved, loved, loved the way they showcased their stuff there.

We first had lunch at the Curve.


Boo was sick during the 2 days in KL :(


Now for Ikea!

Surrounded by your halo...

Sisters love!

Boo isn't enjoying it. She's sick :(

One of the displays in Ikea. Trying to act like it's our own living room.

Later at night, family went to popo's house for CNY dinner. This year, instead of popo cooking, the aunties took over. Guess what we had? Spaghetti-mania! We also had fireworks. Super loud! Huat ah! :P

My aunties on my mother's side, although adults, are all like friends with me. So we had a lot to chat and laught about. It was fun!

The next day we went to 1Utama.

The dragon deco was sooo majestic!

Then we went to Candylicious!!! First time I've been to that place. It was soooo eye popping and colorful and heavenly!


Lunch was at Otak-Otak place.

Teh tarik. Meh~

God knows what it's called.

Vegetarian satay.

... More food?

Otak-otak pau.

BBQ chicken.

And more food.

The End!

Whew! Now it's time for friends! :D

Here's wishing to an exciting and successful dragon year! May next year's CNY be even more joyous :D

p.s. I kinda miss my amah during times like this. I hope her spirit is always with us :)

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