Tuesday, December 6, 2011

NAPBAS 2011 Invitation

Omigosh. I just received a call from Nuffnang inviting me to their Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2011!

It was very, very unexpected because I did not reckon that my submitted post would actually get chosen. Haha =D

I asked whether I could bring along a guest since if I were to go, I'd have someone that I know accompanying me. But nope, the invitation is only for me. Too bad.

Anyway, I decided to turn down the offer because it falls on the 16th of the December which is my sister's birthday and boyfriend & I have plans during that time. And I don't think I know anybody there - scary - and I don't have enough money yet.

But I don't think it's the correct time for me yet because going to an event like this, I reckon I need to do my hair, wax my legs, get a dress, high heels, make up and transport - it all needs money and since I'm not in the running for any awards, I guess it's ok to skip this one for now.

Oops, I forgot to ask them whether transport will be provided. Oh well, I guess it doesn't matter since I'm not going.

Whatever it is, I am so, so, soooo very thankful for the Nuffnang crew for reading my post and actually inviting me! Ya, unexpected since this blog has been with Nuffnang for only a few months.

Getting invited to my first Nuffnang event (although turning it down) has opened my eyes. I mean, things like this don't come very often. I think I wanna participate in smaller Nuffnang events first and get to know fellow bloggers before tackling huge events like this.

But, oh wow.

Signing off!