Monday, December 19, 2011

Mowgli's bday, adventures with him & other random stuff

So anywayyy...

The last 2 posts were more like rants and ramblings and very dramatic expressions of personal feelings. Please ignore.

Now for the real dirt.

Last Friday was beloved Mowgli's 6th birthday :) I think this would be her first conscious birthday. I don't think she knew what a birthday was when she was 5... and below.

I took her out in the afternoon to choose her own cake. We went to something like 5 bakeries to find THE CAKE. And her choice = heart shaped with pink frills of ice cream. What to do. She takes over me :D

I'll let the pictures do the talking.

I love this picture. It's so... romantic.

Her eyes so cute la :P

This is me playing with bits of icing and cake... and fire... and candles. Might as well jot down the whole list.

I will now write about my adventures with JB the past 3 days. Please skip this if you want to, as I don't have any pictures of us... or of the stuff we did. That sounded X-rated. NOT. Moving on.

On Saturday we planned to go with 3 of his other friends to Sungkai. Don't know for what, I'm guessing just a day trip. But the driver's brother needed the car so plan cancelled.

So instead, we did something better. We cooked lunch together :) His mother's kitchen is sooo hard to cook in. I guess I'm not used to the condition in there. I chopped the ingredients while he took out shells from the shrimps... or scallops. I have a small fear of taking out the shells. What if the shrimps or scallops are still alive? And their whiskers are so slithery and... alive. So just a small fear. Nothing big.

So after toiling for an hour plus in there, finally the food was ready for consumption:) The main star were the fried wontons.

From RasaMalaysia site. I didn't take any pictures of the food we made but they were pretty... flat. As in not puffy like in the picture. If that makes any sense. I think because the wonton skins were not big enough.

The issue I had with the fried wonton is the filling. Usually, normal wontons are filled with ground pork and shrimp/scallops (what the hell is the difference?) with bits of water chestnuts and mushrooms (depends on which recipe you're using lah). But the main ingredients would be ground pork and shrimp. Problem is I don't eat pork. I'm not an indian, it's just that I don't eat lah. Period.

So then I went on to find a vegetarian wonton recipe. And I found out to replace ground pork, I use mashed tofu.

And obviously, to season the filling, oyster sauce or soy sauce (with some pepper and salt) is a must unless you want to eat shrimp just like that. Eeew... Anyway, the almighty JB is a real noobie lah. Say no need seasoning and mushroom. Sheesh. I mean since we're not putting in pork might as well put in another ingredient in. The more the merrier ma.

And so, the Great Me incorporated both vegetarian + shrimp recipe (without pork) to make Miyen filling. Ok lah, I admit it's pretty easy to incorporate those 2 together. Anyone can do it.

So we made two batches. One vegetarian and the other one shrimp-filled. Both tasted good but I personally liked the vegetarian one better. Hehe. He said that the vegetarian one also tasted not bad. See? I told you so! Mushroom can one lah. Anyway, we did enjoy our lunch:)

Later at night he lost his keys to the house. Man, it was a looong night. And many things ensued with the neighbours getting involved. But after a lot of... um... drama, we managed to find a way and everthing was A - okay. Better than A - okay :)

And bla bla bla. Last night's dinner date was nice. We ordered salted baked chicken, claypot curry chicken and fried egg + onion while watching football. Nice food and MU won :)

Now for some randomness:

My sister's blinged up phone. Wonders what you can do to a RM90 phone. haha.
Sigh... those blings reminds me of my old SEX8 phone. Sexy... pexy. And that's not my feet or my hand fyi. My one nicer. HAHAHA!

Over the last weekend, my brothers participated in Perak Close (a chess tournament) held in Ipoh.

Skinny got 1st while Stick got 2nd :D I wanna be as strong as them la wei :( But me lazy. Me no practice.

Winner's trophies.

Have I told you I love love love Kampar's kai si hor fun? I'm gonna have it for dinner later :)

Oh guess what, guess what? Me going to KL in a few days time to go shopping with me beloved auntie Jenny :)


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