Friday, December 16, 2011

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There're so many things I need to update. I didn't feel like updating my last post in detail cuz I wasn't in the mood. But now, as the title says - me good mood people.

Starting with last week - the house was broken into by some muthaf***ing thieves. They stole my mum's new Samsung Galaxy W phone and a few hundred worth of cash from Stick's wallet.

And ironically, 2 of my siblings were awake pretty much the whole night... staring into the computer. Wonders what the internet can do to rob someone of their sense of the surroundings.

The thieves came up the balcony and through UNLOCKED doors.

The starting point of the scene of crime.

We've already pin pointed their route of crime and we are very positive that the thieves are living somewhere around our area - somewhere closer than expected.


Man, I can be a crime and investigation writer.

After this incident, family has learned to be much more careful. I'm still planning - together with my sibling(s) - to booby trap those thieves and whack the daylights out of them..... and then get back the Samsung Galaxy W.

But good thing that's all they managed to take. Worse could have happened and we could have lost much more.

Considering what happened the past month - kongkong's health scare, the car accident (which resulted in total loss of the car) and now this robbery - I think it's about time we're given a break. I mean, c'mon!

Moving on to lighter matters, family and I went to Ipoh a few days ago (we bought a new car). I've deduced that the clothes I see in Ipoh Parade - or Sungei Wang for that matter - are not suitable for me. My body type doesn't really suit those clothes.

I'm not the skinny, straight kinda girl. Neither am I petite. And I'm not kawaii. And I want to protect my modesty. You get the idea.

So for a change I've decided that I'm going to go for more classier pieces of clothings from stores like PADINI or SEED or whatever nonsense. Ok, so they might be more expensive but... nvm, I am just so happy with my purchases! :)

I bought a navy blue dress and a soft-lavenderish-kinda-navy-bluish flowy sleeveless top. I find I'm not very good at describing clothes.

I've decided against showcasing every piece of clothing I buy in my blog. Because I'm selfish like that :P

On top of that, sister and I went to Sasa and I stocked up on 2 more masks (have I told you that I love their masks?) and Merlin bought 2 bottles of nail polish - purple and white.

My manicured nails - mama's handiwork.

Moving on,

JB came back yesterday evening :D It's been sooo long since we got together - 11 days. No joke. lol.

I like being with him. lol.

Anywayy... guess what today is? It's Mowgli's BIRTHDAY!! My beloved Mowgli is turning 6 today! Will be going to buy the cake later and she's gonna choose :D

Will update more tomorrow.

Before signing off, Merlin curled my hair last week and here are some shots:

I like:D

But I think it'll look even better if my hair were another 5 inches longer ;)

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