Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Belated Merry Christmas everbody!

Changed my blogskin! How do you all like my new header? My first time meshing an image with a background. Ok lah. Decent enough la kan?

It's been quite some time since I wanted to change the header. I had to learn up enough photoshop and picasa. Inspiration from some of my favorite blogs :)

So over the Christmas season, I've been in KL WORKING. My auntie got me a job as a part timer in Sunway Pyramid for a 4-day exposale. Basically, I promote a member card and my role to get as many sign ups as possible.

And these 4 days have been surprisingly fun! Tiring... but good :D Mostly cuz I had wonderful company during work.

I've made some really, really good friends. Our counter comprised of 4 girl promoters including me. We 4 really bonded over those days. My colleagues:(in alphabetical order): Ai Ginn, Lih Yeh & Sze Ghee. I'll miss ya'all!

They are so very awesome in their own ways *loves*

I kinda felt a little sad on parting on the last day.

I enjoyed chatting with the customers. Many of them are so outgoing. Also, a few cute guys asked for my contact information. So yeah, there you go ego. Haha.

Ben (my aunt's boss) & Josh the MC were there too and I was always getting bullied by them. In a harmless way lah. LOL. Guess what? Guess what? Ben had actually spent 4 days with LEE MIN HO! Ya, you read right, I'm talking about the hot korean actor in Boys Over Flowers.

FYI, Ben's not gay. He was just accompanying Lee Min Ho's visit to Malaysia as part of his previous job in Etude House. Ben got Lee Min Ho to be Etude House's ambassador. How cool is that?

So that's how I spent this year's christmas. No singing carols. No eating by the christmas tree. No kissing under mistletoes. But I did enjoy myself :)

My dad got my mum and sister new phones - Samsung Galaxy Y. So my sister gave me her old phone which is actually my original phone which... uh... long story. Suffice to say, I'm glad to have my original phone back. The ringtone, the display, the phone itself brings back good ol' memories :)

On an ending note, the past few days with him have been fuzzy and warm *loves*


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