Sunday, November 27, 2011

Unexpected twist

Sorry for the lack of update this past week.

The past weeks has been a mixture of tragedy, miracles, joy and holiday spirit.

Tragedy because family and I were involved in a highway accident on the way to KL, with me as the driver. I won't elaborate on this.

Miracles because looking at the extent of damage done to the car, everyone was safe. Much, much worst could have happened. I thank whoever's been protecting and watching over us :)

After the whole thing settled down, I stayed over at popo's house for 5 days with Merlin to take care of grampa who was just recently discharged from the hospital.

Boy, was the week ahead busy. Out of the 5 days, 4 days was spent at Times Square, Lowyat, Sungei Wang either on shopping sprees with papa, skinny and Merlin or dates with boyfriend.

Papa bought a new phone - Samsung Galaxy W - for mama. It's... sexy. Lol. No, seriously. And it's affordable and 100x better than my Sony Ericsson X8 phone.

I want one!

Merlin and I bought this hair iron set from Watsons by Philips. We also bought one bottle of Liese hair protectant. After we bought it, I think we were constantly frying our hair for like 3 days straight. And we finished nearly half the hair protectant bottle.

Experiment ma.

Which reminds me, I need to buy some wax or foam or spray or whatever it's called to "hold" the hair.

Other than that, I bought some facial masks, a really pretty night dress, ate and ate and burned a hole in everyone's pockets, watched movies, walked until my feet were sore, visited more relatives and ate some more - all in good spirit.

There goes my savings.

Anyway, after returning to Kampar, I've been constantly reminding myself that I have to stay focused and stop being an airhead. The accident was way too close for comfort. And I don't want worse things to happen just so that I can learn my lesson.

My exam is in 15 days time and I haven't been studying much. I have to buck up. So I won't be blogging much, or none at all until I'm done with my paper.


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