Friday, November 18, 2011

Papaya for dinner

Wonders what eating fruits only for dinner can do.

"Eat like a King during breakfast, like the average man during lunch and like a saint during dinner."

Sooo true!

But nowadays, I (and mostly everyone else) has it the other way round. My lightest meal is breakfast and heaviest, dinner.

Anyway, I baked cookies yesterday and you know how when you bake cookies, you tend to eat them as they come out of the oven? So I ate and ate and ate a cookie from every batch that came out until I felt like puking. That was around 4-5pm.

And dinner came all too fast. And I couldn't take another morsel of food either made from wheat flour or sugar. I was sneezing the whole night (I don't have a high tolerance to flour) so I took some papaya since mama says fruits have medicinal properties.

Then the next morning, this morning, I weighed myself on the scale and woohoohoo~ Can't tell you how much I weight, but my weight was the lowest out of all the times I weighed myself throughout this month.

Maybe it's not due to papaya dinner last night ONLY but also other factors like moving my butt around more often. But still!

I always theoretically knew that eating less during dinner would worked and I did prove to myself many times that eating a small dinner would make one lose weight but those were the times where I didn't care so much about weight and stuff.

The body's digestive speed and metabolism slows down a lot (at least in my case) during the night.

That's why supper is soooo dangerous for the waistline.

Anyway I predict I will gain back the weight but oh well, it was good seeing those numbers on the scale today. LOL.

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