Monday, November 14, 2011

Of regrets and the road not taken...

Parents are outstation today.

Yay! No nagging for today!

You know, the past week, I've been thinking of working in Genting as a temporary croupier after my F4. Cuz no money, no fun. I also get to meet new people and learn how to conduct different types games.

But then I may have to give up other priorities. Grr... I predict that if I go for this croupier job, I probably will resign with the same reason as when I resigned from my GSA job in March this year.

Reason: A flaming, bl**dy chess tournament. Sigh. Chess matters just keeps clashing with things in life.

I really wanted to continue my GSA job especially after I got the admin position which is much more relaxed than all other positions. But chess got in the way. It's complicated.

Actually, I could have stayed on, but if only I did not open my big mouth and say that I wanted to participate in that tournament, everything would have been all fine and dandy. By the time I realized that I wanted to stay on, I couldn't. Technically I could, but I'd hurt "somebody's" feelings if I pulled out from something as big as this.

DAMN! So annoyed. I know, I know, things happen for a reason. But I can't help thinking of the amount of money I missed out making if I were to continue just for a couple more months :(

Genting pays good money. Like in my case as a GSA, I get to pocket nearly RM1700 every month after deducting SOCSO and EPF and all that nonsense. And that doesn't include incentives yet.

I could have gotten a good, RM2400++, i5 processor laptop by now AND still have lots of money left in the bank. ALthough Starbucks could severely lower the digits lah.

Karma, karma, karma...

If I ever decide to go for the croupier job after my F4, I will say "NO" to every freaking chess tournament I tell ya.

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