Friday, November 11, 2011

My final decision about getting braces

It’s been a few days to a week now and…

I have decided to not go for braces after all. LOL!

I wouldn’t say I chickened out. But the long wait to my dental appointment on the 29th (which has been more than one month) made me really think through my decision properly.

Funny that when you really, really want something and when it really comes to you, you change your mind. Doesn’t happen to everything thing, but it does happen la.
When I’m faced with the prospect of having my teeth tied with metal for the next 2 years of my prime life (21 and 22 years old), I suddenly start thinking of all the good sides of my teeth.

You know, a few weeks ago when I told some of my friends that I’d be going for braces soon, most of them were quizzed as to why I needed braces because they did not really notice anything that needed to be fixed. But I was still unfazed by my decision although something in me (my perspective) started changing.

And then I think of the cost of the treatment, the time and cost expended for going to and fro Taiping every month, the pain I have to endure, the teeth I have to extract and the inability to smile properly. I’d terribly miss my smile.

I also thought of all the missed opportunities (whatever they are) in the coming years due to the fact that I had braces on. I don’t want to go back looking like a nerd again :(

I like my smile. I like how my smile lights up my face. And after everything I’ve said about my teeth, I think my teeth structure is actually quite good. And come to think of it, I’m the only one who thinks I should get braces.

My upper row is nice and straight. It’s just that 2 of my bottom row teeth are crooked. But when I think about it, it’s not that bad. I remember my good friend Loges saying that it makes me unique :)

Aaahh... the time where my hair only reached my shoulder blade.

If my teeth were really bad, then ya, I’d go ahead. But it’s not the case here.
And with the money my dad can save now, who knows, I might get double allowance for next month. Nyehehehe.

I can’t believe I’m saying all these good things about my teeth now, when all I did a year or 2 ago is complain how bad my teeth are. It’s all in my mind. The mind is a cunning thing.

You see? Just by changing my perspective on something, I see my teeth in a much more different and positive way than I did last time. Best thing is I genuinely really feel good about my teeth now :) Like I’ve just gone through the treatment and I’m out with a new set of teeth.

I guess it was necessary for me to go through this period of contemplation to actually appreciate how my teeth are.


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  1. nice that you've finally grown out from your metamorphosis period...=)