Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Life update


Approximately 5 weeks left until my F4 law paper. That bugging feeling is effing there again.

Since July, I've been squeezing in exams non-stop. It gets worse when you're self studying at home and forcing the whole syllabus into your brain is... torture.


But after all these months, self studying has taught me a few valuable lessons:

1. Responsibility

I guess I learn to take responsibility 100% for my studies and I know that everything is wholly my effort. Everything becomes more personal. I sign up for the exams myself; there's no formal class, just me and the study material... and my brains.

Every step of the way, every cent that needs to be paid, I do it myself. So in that sense, there's a sense of ownership about my ACCA course.

So I can't blame anyone(actually I still do) so I just have to suck it all in and get that information into my brain before the deadline.

2. Time

One good thing about studying by yourself is you set the studying pace by yourself. And almost always for me, I complete the whole syllabus as fast as possible *ahem*. That's because I have the mentality that since I'm not attending classes, I have to work a little harder lo.

So to make up for that "disadvantage", I speed up everything to the point that I get restless. Who cares whether I'm sprouting grey hair lah. When I'm self studying, there's no such thing as "weekend break, weekdays study". It's a "study whenever I can" thing.

Which basically means I can take a break whenever I want for however long I want. But usually I don't squander my time because I'd be digging my own grave then. Shiat...

In a way, it really makes me appreciate my time more (or not). But no, I still don't manage my time. I just do however much I can, and thank goodness I'm usually in the mood.

So my paper is on the 12th of December and once I'm done with that, I'll have my well deserved break. Slightly more than 2 weeks break for me :) But knowing me, I'd be mugging the F5 paper the very next day. Awww... yeah...

Anyway, enough about ACCA or I'll go crazy.

I shall now digress... by a lot.

So this week is a short semester break for all those studying in Uni. And lots of people are coming back.

Going to meet one of my close friends in a few days time. I don't have many friends here, I think due to the "strange" fact that I'm a banana in a chinese town? I dunno. Me outcast. Me sad. Boohoohoo. But those who I call friends here are those who really close and dear to me.

Anyway, prince charming is back... again. Actually, there's no real LDR lah. Haha. We meet as often as we did last time. So yeah... Say NO! to cursing!

That was random...

But I do enjoy our time together and try not to expect too much.

I think that's what's important in a relationship, where you just let it flow and not force things and just have fun.

I sound like a f***ing relationship guru la wei.

Digressing again... approximately 3 weeks to my first dental appointment. *squeals* Now why am I so thrilled about that?


  1. ACCA's shit tough man! Salute you!

  2. Lol! Ya, i get that a lot :P Thanks btw :)