Monday, November 7, 2011

Got my Glitterati status!


Finally got my Glitterati status from Nuffnang!

I thought something went wrong when I didn't get my status after a week, cuz I was expecting to get it in 4 days.

Anyway, today I checked my Nuffnang account in the afternoon and was so excited to see Glitterati on the screen. I'm officiall a Glitterati member! Wee~

Yay! So all's well and doodle :)

Now I can use Innit, create polls, use the Evangelist (whatever that is) and god knows what else. Imma excited to start experimenting.

But the thing I'm most excited to use is posting articles to Innit. I think it's a really good idea to have this sort of ultra specific Malaysian blogging community cum forum.

At least it's a place for like minded bloggers to come together (virtually) and exchange posts and links and ideas and... stuff. And I think if optimized effectively, it can really boost blog traffic. The best thing is that people coming to your blog will be Malaysians. So there a relevant and reliable element to it.

Definitely a win-win situation me thinks.

Can't wait to see the effect. KBAI.

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  1. drink some hot soup when u feel cold next time.