Thursday, November 3, 2011

Baking chocolate chip cookies

I'm sooo, so, so tired. Woke up to pee at 6 something in the morning, but never went back to sleep. Studied for a bit before going down to bake chocolate chip cookies =)

Mowgli has been pestering me for the cookies for several days already. So I decided to bake'em today for her to take to kindergarten.

Anyway... boring pictures of the cookies:

They're the soft, chewy type of chocolate chip cookies, just in case you're wondering why they're so flat.

Baking cookies is no joke wei. Preparing the batter and the pans itself is like 1 hour already. Then you have to check the oven like every 10 minutes until ALL your batter is used up. And I had to do about 15-20 pans into and outta the oven.

And then you have to be constantly clean up the crumbs from the table in case your mum comes down, sees the mess, and jeopardizes the whole baking process. After all that is done, you have to clean up the pans and the baking equipment. So after about 3 hours of baking and cleaning up... I'm kind of tired. But glad I made'em ^^ (purposely put a positive note in front of all the negatives).

Anyway, I found this picture of Boo at Teluk Batik last weekend. I didn't go. Was at that time of the month.

Such a snuggly woggly..!

Tonight someone's coming back ;) Looking forward to the weekend... and week ahead :) Loges is coming back with Meitheng this weekend too :)

I need to wash my hair. I think got batter stuck in it. But it's raining, so it's cold and up here tarak air panas.

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