Wednesday, November 2, 2011

24-hour fast

This post takes an extremely detailed look at my weight and health outlook.

Aaagh... you know how frustrating it gets when you wake up in the morning, jump on the scale and found out that you gained a kg from yesterday??

I had a heavy dinner last night. Curry chee cheong fun with a generous amount of liu, a piece of dimsum and some char kuey tiao.

Anyway... today I am going on a 24-hour fast. Yeah, no biggie right. All I have to do is refrain myself from eating until 8.30pm since my last meal the night before was at 8.30pm.

And no, this fast is not because of last night. I've been meaning to go on a 24-hour fast for some time now, but always failed.

But I'm writing this on my blog, I have no choice but to go ahead without FAIL since its out in public.


I know it's only 12.30am at the time I'm writing this, but I getting a weenie bit hungry already.

I'm not a heavy sleeper. That means to say, I can't like sleep the whole day until dinner time. I'd like to of think myself as being hyper active bordering on insanity.

I've undertaken numerous 24 hour fasts during the years. Mostly for health reasons especially when I'm sick (I don't go to the doctor. Fasting is my medicine), but I haven't had one in a long time.

The longest fast I went through was for a total of 6 days. That was after my Russia trip last year. I was feeling sluggish and "fat" because Russia's a cold country and I really loaded up on the carbs there. I weighed 53.5kg after Russia.

Fyi, I gained weight. I wasn't like 60kg to begin with, just in case you thought that I dropped to 53.5kg.

Then I read a book by Dr. Jack Goldstein abount fasting and natural diet and I was truly inspired to fast. Not the normal 24-hour fast, but the really long fasts.

I'll give you a very short synopsis of his book.

So this guy, Dr. Jack Goldstein had been diagnosed with a very, very severe case of ulcerative colitis. Yeah, I don't know what that is either but all I know was that Dr. Goldstein suffered for 6 years under modern medical care having to undergo multipe medical tests that required sticking up cold instruments up his sensitive parts, endless pills and examinations, serious bouts of depression and god knows what else.

And instead of improving, his health kept deteriorating until he met Dr. Gross, a natural food practitioner.

And from there Dr. Goldstein was put on a 6-week fast at a health institution away from home. Yes, 6 weeks. Nothing but water and after that 6-weeks of abstaining from food, his health for the first time improved by leaps and bounds. Not completely recovered yet, but compared to the 6 years of torture, it was a huge, huge improvement.

And no, during the 6 weeks, the body did not eat itself. Just in case you're wondering.

From there, Dr. Goldstein adopted the natural way of living - organic vegetarian diet and fasting of different lenghts every once in a while. And after a few years, he regained full health, better than before he was even diagnosed with the disease.
So after reading that, I immediately made up my mind to go for a week-long water fast. Here's a breakdown of how my fast went:

1st day: Water only.

2nd day: Water only

3rd day: Water only

4th day: A cup of milk and a cup of sugar cane juice

5th day: Same as the above

6th day: Broke my fast in the early evening with fruits

So yes, not exactly 7 days and not exactly a full WATER fast, but it was a good experience. I experienced enhanced clarity of mind and positivity. There was a total weight loss of slightly more than 3kg. So 3-4kg loss in 6 days bringing my weight down to around 50.2kg. I think if I stayed on a water fast only, I could have lost more weight.

But fasting is not a means to an end. I still had to maintain that weight which I did not. I saw my weight fluctuating UP for a few months later until it stabilized at 50kg.

Now, it's gradually, very slowly, trickling, crawling, going down by careful eating. Oh, yay (?)... If you remember reading in my previous posts, my targeted weight is 48kg. Still not there yet. Shiat...

I mean, I'm studying at home in Kampar where all the good food are and my mum is always cooking yummy food. So, yeah, it gets a little tough if you're thrown in the middle of a food haven and asked to lose weight.

So yes, I do indulge every once in a while but it's less frequent than last time where I used to indulge everyday.

BUT! I know it's one thing to lose weight and another to starve yourself. I don't want to lose all my lady goods and come out looking like I just came out from a German concentration camp.

So that was that other dilemma. How to lose weight without losing my boobies? HAHA! But that's another topic for another day since I haven't lost to that weight yet and my boobies are still intact.

Anyway, back to the topic. Let's hope I can make it to 8.30pm. Yes, it's been a year since I fasted properly, so cheer me on! Al least until 8.30pm la.

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