Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Yo~ Kappeeesshhhhh....

One more week to go until the Deepavali holidays! Wee~ This stretch of 16 days will make it the longest time we've been apart.

Imma nearly achieving ma stuff! I'm hoping to bang it all out in 7 days. Wee~ I don't expect you to understand what I'm writing. I will only fully interpret it after the Royal Assent.

The F4 paper is a law paper. And it's something like debate + I forgot what I wanted to say. Anyway, law in english is sooo interesting and sooo much more entertaining.

And Debbie Cross, my online lecturer is sooo good and sooo sophisticated! Tonight, I'm going to finish at least 1 lecture and print out notes. That leaves me ahead of schedule. Wee~

Then go skip rope in my newly arranged room. Break as much fat as possible before hitting the sack!!! Rawr!!!

ok. BYE!!!

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