Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Working at Genting Q&As

VERY OVERDUE questions.

Was looking back at my old comments and I forgot to answer these comments about my Genting post. Sorry! I feel evil for not helping those people who asked for help from me. Anyway, better now than never. At the very least, people can refer here for reference.

Anonymous said...
Hey, thanks for sharing your experienced... I'm decided to work at Genting as GSA... Will interview at Genting this Saturday... Probably,
1) What kinds of question their will ask us during the interview???

Haha! Mine's a special case! I applied as a croupier. So they asked me to do BASIC mental mathematics calculations. Like what's 24x12 or calculations even simpler than that. Even if you take like 5 minutes on a single calculation, it's very likely that they will still take you in because the demand for employees is very high.

But I think the most important thing about applying for croupiers are whether you have sweaty palms. The interviewer asked me to open and close my hands 10 times (or was it 20?). Then leave it open while I did the mental calculations. After about 5 minutes, she checked my palms. I passed. Your palms do not need to be extremely dry. So long as its not excessively sweaty, it's okay.

But after the interviewer heard me speak good english, the interviewer asked me whether I would like to work as a gsa which offers a slightly higher pay than a croupier. So I accepted. I guess if you wanna apply as a gsa, just speak confidently and you'll get through. Questions are easy enough. And the interview I went for is an interviewer interviewing 2 people at the same time. So less stress that way.

2) Is that we need for the 1st & 2nd interview???

Nope. I only went for 1 interview and they offered the job to me on the spot. They'll give you a paper with everything on it. Like when you need to go up Genting to report, what you have to bring and things like that.

For those who have worked there before, they'll put you on a waiting list because they will want to check your past records.

For those who want to apply for higher posts, there could be a second interview session.

3) How was the salary paid per month???

Genting banks it straight into your Maybank account. If you don't have a Maybank account, they'll ask you to open one.

4) I'm already graduated in my diploma but my diploma certificate is being process... My college will make the offer letter for my interview... Is that Genting will accept my interview without certificate but with the offer letter???

Genting doesn't really care about your qualifications if you're applying for core positions like GSAs, croupiers and cashiers. You can come in with your SPM results and they'll most probably accept you. No worries! But for higher posts like PR, then ya, qualifications could be important.

5)If i'm been hired, should i wear a formal attire for the reporting day??? (for Male)

No, you do not. Casual would be fine. Basically, what goes on during the reporting day is that you are directed to the Human Resource department in... oh crap... I forgot which hotel. I think it was the Genting Hotel. Don't worry, there are signs and lots of other people there with you. Once there, you report yourself and fill up some forms. Then they'll take you to your accomodation and get your uniforms etc.

Sorry for such a lot of question... Thanks again for your experienced... Hope can get your reply as fast as possible...^-^ All the best for your future and study!!!

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July 27, 2011 6:57 AM
Vivi said...
hi im going to genting interview as GSA next week so would like to ask u someting if u don mind ^^
Do i nid to wear formal attire to interview? n isit vy hard to get tis job? thx

Wear properly can already lah. I wore jeans and a collared t-shirt. It's very easy to get the job=)

I feel like working as a croupier because of their coolness with cards. Yeng dao~ Maybe I'll apply as a part time croupier some time in the future =P


  1. Ask for knowing..
    If I just finished my SPM examination, but I still haven't get my SPM certificate, I can still apply the jobs like GSA, Croupier, slot assistant, or cage cashier????Is ergent,please reply it ASAP. Thank you ...

  2. Yes, you most definitely can! =)

  3. Oh..i see..even i didn't get my spm result???i still can got the jobs??
    And my english speaking are quite un-smoothly,it will be the obstacle???

  4. Yep, you still can get even without your results :) Most of them go up there to work while waiting for their results anyway.

    English isn't very important for the positions you're applying for once you start working in Genting. Chinese is more important since most of the customers in the casino are chinese uncles and aunties.

  5. For the GSA,the height 170cm for male is compulsory??

  6. That's what you will hear from other ppl in the beginning. But it's not so strict now. As far as I know, I have a guy GSA friend who's shorter than 160cm. But at that time, the demand for GSAs were high. So I don't know if that contributed to him getting the job.

    But anyway, I think they will very likely accept any height.

  7. now i got the trainee croupier...actually iwould like to apply GSA..but they said min height is 170cm==
    isn't possible for me to transfer to GSA after probation period for croupier??

    hostel and meal will be provided by genting when under training as trainee croupier??

    for female croupier,how thier make-up look like?just with lipstick can or not?

    haha..sorry for too many questions asking..
    thank you.

  8. Hostel and meals during work breaks will be provided for the whole time you're working for Genting :)

    Female croupiers, from what I see, you need to tie your hair into a neat ponytail (if you have long hair) and have light/ basic make up to look presentable for the customers.

    You can try to ask them to transfer you to GSA but I've never tried it before.

  9. Thanks..

    May i know what are the incentives for GSA??

    For female croupier, if wear 平底黑鞋 can or not??

    About the hostel, can i request for family quater??coz i and my BF will attend training there soon. As long as i can stay with him.

  10. female croupier, you have to get black high heels at least 2 inches high. I don't think you can get famiyl quarter unless they promote you to manager or something. lol.

    Genting will assign you to a hostel. usually girls and boys separate. Cuz last time me and my bf also worked there together. Couldn't change.

  11. i work as waiter...
    there gt provided meal ??

  12. Like that ar...then pening liao loh...

    All the bathing shampoo we both use together,but now gonna separate, how o?==

    Didnt have another way anymore?

  13. How do you apply for the job ? where can i apply i'm interested :)

  14. did you went to wisma genting there and interview ?

  15. Can i noe rate of OT ???

  16. If you wanna live together with your boyfriend, you might have to rent a separate place outside.

    My friend told me there was an interview for Genting jobs in a hotel in Ipoh. So a group of us went there together. I don't know how they knew.

    But I think you can go up to Wisma Genting and request for an interview.

    I'm not sure about the OT rate. I forgot, sorry! But expect very high rates for OT during chinese new year. And also, Genting pays high incentive rates :)

  17. may i know how much do they pay you as GSA ?

  18. Last time when I worked there about 2 years ago, the pay for GSA was RM1800+

    But the salary has increased now, not only for GSA, but also for other jobs like croupier. Not sure how much they're paying exactly now.

  19. what will they ask if we were going to intrview for cage cashier and slot assistant? i wanna know because this is my first time

  20. Hello, I work as croupier last time in Genting. Now, I would like to apply for part time croupier. Need to do refreshment for two days then only can apply right? Can i know how to know when is the training day? And what we need to do to make sure we get the place for refreshment days? Thank you.

  21. Hi, can I apply for croupier even though I can only work for 1 month plus?